Finished Object: Elegance Doilie by Coats & Clark

I love making doilies!! If I could I would make millions but, I would have nowhere to put them. So, whenever there is an opportunity to create one I jump on it. I love that doilies are so classic and so vintage and so elegant.

Recently, I got this gorgeous ZZ Plant for my office and I love it. Its a tough and durable plant; yet, it is so lovely. I placed the plant in my window but, it was seriously lacking something. That something was this doilie.

I grabbed my booklet on doilies and decided to crochet the Elegance doilie (I love that name.)

The project worked up in a matter of hours and didn’t take long at all. When it was complete, I blocked it by holding the doilie under cold water and wringing out the excess water. I then blocked it in place on my Yoga mat using straight pins. Usually, when I make doilies after it finishes blocking I iron it using starch. However, this time I skipped that step because I wanted to take it to my office immediately. I still thinks it looks great!

The yarn used was Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Thread in Size 10. The color is frost green. (My fave color for doilies are cream because it pays homage to those vintage doilies from the past but, I am really feeling this green. It still came out classically elegant.)

Up close and personal shots:

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