Forced To Take A Break…from knitting

Well, since last week was Spring Break at my job and it was extremely quiet with no one around I decided to knit. So, starting Monday through Saturday I was knitting non-stop. From sunup to sundown. A knitting feen. Guess what?

My right wrist started to ache on Sunday and I was forced to admit that I needed to take a break from the knitting. So, I knitted one more square for my Mitered Afghan on Sunday because I just couldn’t resist 😉 and I decided to take a 2 day break from knitting.

This just pains me so much to be forced to take a break. All I can think is that I am no longer on schedule for my Mitered Afghan and that I want to finish it so badly before the end of April. I also started putting the edging on the Martha Stewart cowl (Using my brand new KnitPicks Interchangeable Circular needles. Love em.). And I promise you I became so addicted to that cowl and I really wanted to finish it 😦

So, today is the last day of my mini “break” from knitting. I plan on buying a wrist brace to control the movement of my wrist. I am going to see how this works out first and then I will look into changing my method of knitting. I use English Style but, I hear that Continental Style is better for the wrist.


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