Christmas To-Do List

ecardI feel just like the above E-card. Every single year, I say I’m going to start on my Christmas projects early (like September) so, I don’t feel the pressure that I usually go through. I remember a few years back, I knitted a scarf into the wee hours of Christmas morning trying to have it ready for a gift. Hopefully, that will NOT occur this Christmas. So, even though I have not really started my Christmas projects, I’m gonna try to finish them all.

Here are my plans:


1. Six washcloths to be part of spa sets

2. Knit Scarf for an adult male

3. Crochet Jacket for an adult female

4. Four crochet children’s hats (3 girls, 1 boy)

5. Knit scarf for a boy

6. Knit scarf/hat set for an adult female

7. Ornaments to put in children’s Christmas bags at church


1. Christmas Tree centerpiece for table in Kitchen

2. Mini Granny Stockings (about 5-9)

3. Snowflake garland

For myself

1. Lapghan

2. Finish current WIPs (knit afghan, knit boyfriend cardi)


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