My Crochet Today! Letter

I mentioned before that I made the Bouquet Earrings from the May/June 2012  issue of Crochet Today! . Let me tell you a story…

Well, back in March or April I did a presentation for International Association of Administrative Professional (IAAP) and my workshop was entitled “The Art of D.I.Y.”. The workshop mainly focused on how we can implement crafting into our busy and hectic lives. I covered felting, cardmaking, knitting, and crochet. I even brought copies of my magazines so, they could flip through them and know that they too can make those wonderful designs. Of course, I brought my Crochet Today! magazines and I even showed them a recent project that I had made–the Bouquet Earrings. Well, they were a huge success. Many of the ladies pleaded with me to make them a pair. (Unfortunately, my busy schedule doesn’t really allow for a lot of requests. But, I encouraged them to give crochet a try.)

So, after the workshop I wrote to Crochet Today! to let them know that it was a success and how much everyone loved the earrings.

Long story short, they featured my letter!!!!! You don’t know how excited I was to see my earrings in my FAVE crochet magazine!

Picture below: crochet today feature




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