Finished Object: Ruffles Scarf

Well, last night after watching Downton Abbey I finished the edging on my Ruffles Scarf. This was a really nice pattern to work up and I really like the finished result. The style of this scarf has me written all over it. It’s unique, chic, and just fabulous.


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Light Raspberry

Weight – Worsted (4)

Hook – F (3.75 mm)

Level – Easy


A Crafting Moment: Quilting

I have been wanting to learn to quilt for some years now. First, I needed the sewing machine and my sister, Alison, gave me one as a gift about a year ago. Next, I needed the space. So, I moved into a new apartment a few months back and I had decent space. Then, I needed the supplies and the knowledge. So, I bought the supplies and books. I also watched a lot of YouTube videos and I was ready to tackle quilting.

I started over my Holiday break. I began by learning how to work the sewing machine, I read a few of the books I bought to help me, which are (1) A Passion for Quilting, (2) Whip Up Mini Quilts, (3) Quilting 200 Q & A, and (4) Sewing Basics: All You Need to Know About Machine and Hand Sewing.

I started with a project from Nicki Trench’s book A Passion for Quilting. I started with the smallest project in the book which was a Trivet. Now, this was my very first project and I see where it needs major improving. My binding is not the best at all, my criss-cross stitches are a bit crooked, my seams are not aligned,  and I am not crazy about the binding colors with the patchwork colors. But, nonetheless, I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

This is the Trivet from Nicki Trench's book.
This is the Trivet from Nicki Trench’s book.
This is my version of the Trivet...
This is my version of the Trivet…

After I completed the trivet, I was ready to tackle something a bit larger but not too large. So, I referred to my book Whip Up Mini Quilts by Kathreen Ricketson. I chose to do the first mini quilt because it involved basic squares and rectangles and it was Level Easy. Of course, I don’t have the supplies to print a photo to put in the quilt (which, would have been super cool!) so, I decided to draw a template of an owl (because I ADORE owls) and applique it to the quilt. I really enjoyed this pattern and I could see the improvement from my first project already. As soon as I finished it, I put it on the small table in my living room so, it could be displayed in a nice way.

The Pensive Pansy Photo Quilt is at the bottom left corner (with the pug in front of it.)
The Pensive Pansy Photo Quilt is at the bottom left corner (with the pug in front of it.)
This is my version of the Pensive Pansy Photo Quilt.
This is my version of the Pensive Pansy Photo Quilt.

I’m looking forward to tackling more quilting projects in the future. I plan on trying some Bandana Quilts/Lap Blankets in the future…

Current Project: Ruffles Scarf from Interweave Crochet Fall 2012

FIRST, LET ME GIVE AN UPDATE: Well, Christmas Break has come and gone and I feel like I’m finally getting back to real life :-/ The Holidays were phenomenal! I really needed that break and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really flew by! I feel like I got a lot accomplished. I finished all of my Christmas projects on the morning of Christmas Eve (I didn’t want to push it that close.) The Christmas gifts were a success. My nieces and nephew loved their hats and they wear them quite a bit. My sisters really liked the spa sets. They thought they looked too nice to use but, I encouraged them to use them and that I would make more if they became worn down. My mother enjoyed the scarflet and brooch set. She put the brooch on her winter jacket so, she consistently wears it. Now the big hit was the Brioche Scarf I made for my Daddy. For years, I have never been successful in my endeavors to purchase wearables for my Dad. He is really picky. So, this time I asked him what he likes. I showed him the pattern and asked him for the color choice. Simply put, he wears the scarf all the time and said it is really warm. I was very pleased that he finally liked something I got him and that it was something I made at that!

Back to my current project…

Well, since I finished the gifts for everyone it was time for some selfish knitting and crochet. I worked on my Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan a bit. I did not pick up my Mitered Afghan 😦 And I started a new project. This project is from the Fall 2012 issue of Interweave Crochet. If you don’t have this issue you are missing out. The patterns are beyond gorgeous and I want to make every single one of them. So, I decided to make the Ruffles Scarf by Shelby Allaho. I wanted to try out a simple pattern but, I was also looking for something to warm my neck and chest when I’m indoors. My office never gets warm and my chest gets very cold so, I am always looking out for scarflets and cowls.

ruffles interweave

A few details:

Yarn – Red Hear Super Saver

Color – Light Raspberry

Weight – Worsted (4)

Hook – F/5 (3.75 mm)

Level – Easy

I’ll have more pics of the finished scarf in the future…