Finished Object: Your Neighbor Lady’s Doilies

crochet today doiliesHave you ever had one of those patterns that you knew you were going to make but, it just kept being in the back of your mind? And then years pass by and you realize that you have yet to make that pattern. That is exactly what happened with me and this pattern. I thought, I could whip up those doilies in a single night and have some time to spare so, I’ll get to it. Well, three years passed and I am just now getting to it 😉

I was at home one night thinking about my future big projects (i.e. sweaters/cardigans) and how I couldn’t wait to start them. But, the yarn had not arrived from KnitPicks yet. I could have picked up my Shapely Cardigan that I have been working on and off since September 2012 but, that pattern just bores me. So, sitting right next to me was the May/April 2010 Crochet Today issue and I thought of those doilies.

I first made one in turquoise to match a painting that I had. Then, I thought let me whip up one for my mother and I chose the pinkish red color. The next night, I made one with a variety of 5 colors that matched the scheme in my Living Room. I love how super fast these worked up and I really enjoyed the simplicity of this pattern.


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Hook – H (5.0 mm)

Level – Beginner

doily doily1 IMG_7115[1]


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