Inspiration: Accessories

I am constantly scouring the Internet for patterns and inspiration. There is so much to choose from Ravelry to Pinterest to Blogs. I find myself flocking to sweater patterns more often than not. However, I really love shawls/wraps, wristers, gloves, mittens, socks, hats, etc. However, I find that I don’t often flock to the accessories as often as I do the garments.


There are some gorgeous shawls in a previous issue of Knitscene and the current issue of Knitscene magazine. Also, this previous weekend my sister surprised me and bought Coastal Knits for me. I have been wanting this book since the day it came out so, I am pretty excited to have this added to my library. There is this simply wonderful shawl in the new book that I really need to make. It is elegant and breezy–two things I like.

coastal knits shawl knitscene shawl fall 2013 knitscene shawll fall 2012


I have not really found that many sock patterns that I plan on making in the future. I saw a rather cute pair in the now-canceled Your Knitting Life magazine that I plan on making and that I do have the yarn for in my stash. So, I may try that pattern for my first pair of socks. I have also been looking at a pair of crochet socks that was in a past issue of Crochet Today that I think I would like to try. It will be nice to compare knitted socks versus crochet socks to see the difference and feel.

your knitting life lace socks CTSO08SOCKS02


Every year the Winter issues of Vogue Knitting has some gorgeous mittens/gloves. I flock to the cabled gloves and mittens before the more standard pairs. I must admit that I do have a weakness for cables so, they really answer my call with this. Another gorgeous pair of mittens that I have been eyeing is from Alana Dakos Botanical Knits. It is such a gorgeous pair that I cannot stop staring at. So, I look forward to trying that out. But, I have to get the book first…

vogue knitting mittens vogue knitting gloves botanical knits mittens


I have made so many crochet hats since I have started crocheting in 2007. I do believe that a crochet hat was my first project that I made for myself when I was learning. However, the crazy thing is that I have never made a knitted hat even though I see so many gorgeous hat patterns. I do plan on making quite a few hat patterns for myself for this Fall/Winter but, I still have yet to get to it. I had plan on making some hats during my vacation and even took along the yarn, pattern, and needles but, I didn’t get to it.

coastal knits hat knit hat knitscne hat fall 2013

Well, that is what has been inspiring me of late. Just thought, I would share that with you all.

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