New Books Added to My Library

Ok, so I promised myself that I would not add any new knitting or crochet books to my personal library for awhile because I had actually purchased quite a few over the past months but, I failed 😦 However, one book actually wasn’t a purchase but, a gift from my sister Alison so, I am not guilty for that one 😉 And my Dad bought me another book but, I am kinda guilty of that one because I asked him for it.

So, here they are…

Modern Knits, Vintage Style – This was purchased at Hastings Bookstore and it was a used book. So, it only cost me $5. And I couldn’t pass up a book with gorgeous, vintage, and elegant patterns for only $5. So, I bought it and I am happy that I scooped it up.

modern knits vintage style

Knitting Stitches – I love this book! I want to one day design my own garments so, this book is  a great resource for different stitch patterns. It was bought at Hastings Bookstore too and it was used. So, I only spent $5 on this too! That is a great deal for over 300 stitch patterns. And I actually did pass up this book a previous time when I was at the bookstore but, when I went back many weeks later it was still there so, it was meant for me.

knitting stitches 2

Coastal Knits – Now this book was an absolute surprise addition! I was talking to my sister about this gorgeous book and how I had been planning to add it to my library since the day it came out. I had planned on ordering it but, it kept being put off. Every single pattern in the book calls to me but, it was this one particular pattern that I dream of making…the Rocky Coast Cardigan. So, while we were at the Sit N’ Knit at the Yarnhouse Studio this past Saturday she up and bought it for me! I was ecstatic!

coastal knits

Sweater Design in Plain English – Now this book was bought brand new and full price by me at Books-A-Million (well, I did get a 10% discount with my card). It is pretty much self-explanatory. I want to know how sweaters are designed and constructed. So, I feel this would be a great resource for breaking it down. I am really excited to delve into this book.

sweater design in plain english

Now these next additions are not really books but, just little bonuses…

Stitch Nation, Collection 1 – This is more of a booklet that features knit and crochet designs. This was purchased at Michael’s because I was there to pick up some size 8 16-inch circular needles (which I later found out, I already had a pair hiding in my knitting bag). It was only $4 and my Dad got it for me.

stitch nation

Knitscene, Fall 2013 – This is actually a magazine but, I still try to limit how many magazines I purchase because they will take up space. This is the reason, I don’t ever see myself subscribing to a magazine because I can’t have that many come to my house and every issue is not guaranteed to have great designs. However, this issue was phenomenal! I want to make everything out of it and I am still having a really hard time deciding what to do first. We shall see…

knitscene fall 2013

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