Uncomfortable Knitting Setting…

So, yesterday we had some pretty horrible thunderstorms. The winds were out of this world and you could literally see and hear them. I didn’t leave work immediately but, stayed in the building until the worst of it passed. When I was driving home there were so many trees down and the traffic lights were out. A tree actually fell on a few cars and I thank the Lord that mine was spared.

Therefore, it came as no surprise to me that  the lights were out when I got home. So, I thought they would be on in about an hour or at the most 2 hours. No, they stayed out for about 6 hours and didn’t come on until after 10 p.m.

Do you think that stopped me from knitting? Definitely not. I lighted some candles and got to work on my Chuck sweater. I finally finished the sleeves and plan on finishing the neckline today.

It definitely wasn’t the ideal situation but, I was able to do it. I mean they had to knit by candle light in the olden days so, I can definitely do it too 🙂



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