Selfish Knitting (Andi Satterlund’s Patterns)

If it were up to me, I would knit all day. But, I have to work in order to purchase the yarn to feed my craft (I also  work to pay the bills. hehe 😉 )

Well, as you all know I simply adore Andi’s patterns and I have been really trying to build my personal wardrobe with these patterns. I love vintage style and her patterns have vintage written all over them and they work up super quick. The typical vintage patterns use fingering weight or lightweight yarn that I simply don’t have time to create. But, Andi usually uses sport weight to worsted weight, which I can appreciate!

But, I still don’t have enough time to create all of her patterns 😦 Recently, she just released 2 new free patterns. And while I am happy, I am also sad too. So bittersweet. I just yearn to make them both. But, where can I find the time??? Check them out HERE and HERE. 

I had it all set to start my Aiken and Geraldine pullovers over the Holiday break. I purchased my yarn for these projects during the Knit Picks Big Sale and I was content. Now, these new gorgeous sweaters are really calling to me. So, I just have to get focused. FOCUS, CONSTANCE! So, I think this is the order that I will make these sweaters in (1) Aiken (will be casting on as soon as the yarn arrives) (2) Geraldine (I really want/need to make something with colorwork) (3) Armande (I want the perfect vivid red sweater and this has got to be it) (4) Marion (I already have the yarn purchased in purple for this one) (5) Cropped Winter Sweater (I’m thinking light purple and eggplant) (6) Agatha (I already have the yarn in a bright yellow for this) (7) Miette (I’m still not sure what color to make this, which is why it is last on the list). Don’t hold me to this list. LOL






Cropped Winter Sweater

cropped winter sweater






Photos Copyright Andi Satterlund

Well, I’ll keep you posted on the status of these projects and how they go. Here’s to hoping that Andi doesn’t release any more patterns any time soon because this list will go down the dump and change again with more projects added 😀


4 thoughts on “Selfish Knitting (Andi Satterlund’s Patterns)

  1. You’ve already knit the next sweater I’m planning on releasing so you’ve got a little time before I tempt you with something new! This post seriously made me smile.

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