Finished Object: Sejia Set

This pattern was so much fun to make. And did I mention it worked up super-quick! I finished it in 3 days!

I gave the finished blanket and hat set to the couple this past Sunday. But, I got in some pics of the blanket set before it went off to its new home.

This pattern was a nice and simple pattern that has some interesting details. The details stopped it from being boring. I really enjoyed making the braids for the borders and ear flaps the most. It was such a basic aspect that made the blanket unique at the same time. As I mentioned before, this is a very quick pattern. I would have been finished sooner had it not been for the cut finger and watching my nieces/nephew over the weekend (We had a craft session with felting and made bows and bowties.).

The hat was made immediately after the blanket on Saturday night. Since this is a hat for a baby it went by really quickly as well. I usually make an adult sized hat in a night so, I knew that I could whip this baby hat up in a couple of hours. The construction of the hat was lovely. I really like the ear flaps to keep baby’s ears warm.

Oh, the colors! This is my favorite part of the set. My sisters and nieces were also very pleased with the colors. Green, blue, and gray really works and now I want a blanket or cushion in these colors.

Since this pattern can be worked up quickly even with a busy schedule it is now my go-to pattern for baby gifts. I also liked that it only requires less than one skein of yarn for each color to make the entire set.


Level – Easy

Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Colors – Hunter Green, Charcoal, and Light Blue

Hook – G (4.00 mm)

Pattern – from the book The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller

IMG_8801[1] IMG_8802[1] IMG_8803[1] IMG_8804[1] IMG_8808[1] IMG_8809[1]

Well, that’s all I can think to say about the pattern for now. I have been back to work on my Geraldine and Ethel set…

WIP: Sejia Set


Well, as soon as I got home after work I started working on the baby blanket set for the couple at my church. I had an idea of the colors in my mind and once I put them together, I loved it! It had me thinking of making a blanket, cushion, sweater, or something with this color scheme. But, I’ll save that for another day…

The pattern is pretty straight forward and I worked on it while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (I love Ron and Hermione in this movie.) So, I was moving pretty fast if I do say so myself and I am about 1/2 way done. I would’ve kept working on the blanket but, then this happened…


Yeah. So that stopped all progress and I had to call it a night. I cut my finger when fastening off the yarn ends. I guess I wasn’t paying much attention and my finger got in the way of the scissors. It’s doing much better and hopefully, I can get some real progress done tonight.

Future Project: Sejia Set

I can’t stick to anything. Remember after I made the baby vest for my college friend’s baby boy and I said I would not make another baby item for awhile? Well, that has changed and I really want to make a hat and blanket set for some very dear church members. They are a really nice, kind, genuine, and loving couple. Their baby boy was born premature and he is coming along greatly. Thank You, Jesus. And I just want to do something nice for them to show them how much I appreciate them and that they are loved.

So, for years I have admired the Sejia Set from the book The Happy Hooker. It is just too adorable and I feel this would be the perfect project. I plan on going with a color scheme of gray, green, and blue. I really like the idea of those colors and I am excited to go home and raid my stash to find the perfect choices.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the blanket and hat set. Hopefully, I will be starting it tonight.

seija set

OAN: The Geraldine pullover and Ethel beret are coming along wonderfully. I have been working on them daily. Since the projects use sport weight yarn they move a bit more slowly than a typical worsted weight project. But, I have been enjoying working on it while watching television and relaxing.

Knitting and Crochet Books

Okay, so maybe I have a problem.

First of all, this past Saturday I finally got everything moved from the old place with the help of my family and church members. YAY!! So, now I am all settled in the new apartment.

Now, back to the problem. While packing and moving stuff, I realized I have a huge load of knitting and crochet books/magazines. I knew that I had quite a collection but, seeing it really put things into perspective. According to my Ravelry account (where I have most of the books listed in my library) I have 3,860 patterns! I couldn’t knit or crochet that in a lifetime. For that reason, I am taking a break from buying craft books. They take up too much space and I couldn’t possibly create all those projects anyway.

I must admit however, that I have really been eyeing the new Crochet Red book that came out this month. I already own the Knit Red and I love most of the patterns in that book but, I have not even made anything from that book yet. So, we shall see…


WIP: Geraldine Pullover and Ethel Beret

As you know from the previous post, I am in the process of moving. Argh! It is so annoying and moving is interrupting my knitting. But, despite the stress of moving, I am excited to be leaving that area. I have actually started staying at the new place. I just have to get the last of my things moved to the new place.

Despite all of this, I have been steadily working on my Geraldine pullover. I am now on the Body portion of the pullover and I am really pleased with my color scheme. I can’t wait to show you all the finished product!


And since this pullover has a matching beret, I have cast on for that as well. The Ethel beret is a beautiful beret that features an adorable pom pom on the back. Last year, I ordered a pom pom maker from Knit Picks and I am very anxious to use it for this gorgeous hat. I actually got gauge with Size 4 needles but, I decided to go up to Size 5 needles for the hat because I have a rather large head and very thick hair.


This beret will give me the chance to practice stranded color work in the round. From my reading on the subject, I understand that things can get a bit too tight if you’re not careful. So, I am really going to try keeping the tension even. I would like to start the color chart on this beret as soon as possible but, who knows when that’ll happen with this full weekend ahead.

I also plan on casting on for the matching Aida wristers. It is funny that I was so afraid to try color work but, now I want to make everything in the Wrapped in Wool collection. I really think this collection is great practice for a newbie to color work.

A Quick Story

So, I usually don’t put my business out like this but, here goes…

On Wednesday night while I was at Bible Study, my home was broken into. I noticed that an 800-number called while I was in church but, I didn’t pick up. It was the alarm company trying to contact me. I came home to a shattered in window. I was a little annoyed. Why wasn’t I very upset, you ask? Well, because this is the 3rd time I was broken into. Yes, the third! (I had actually planned on moving out after the 2nd break-in but, since I got the alarm system I was hoping things would be better.) Also, I knew that I didn’t have any major ticket items in the place because I didn’t have enough confidence in the place to have high-quality electronics.

So, I called my parents so, that they could come and walk into the place with me. I saw that the TV was still there (it was an old one) and the rest of the place didn’t look too disrupted. So, as we were straightening up the place I noticed my yarn bag was missing. I panicked! Not my patterns! Not my notes! Not my stitch markers, needles, and other tools! Needless to say, I was very upset. I ran through the house checking every nook and cranny just hoping I put it in another room. I was in denial. Finally, my mother said Constance, it’s gone.

I went to the kitchen and just cried. I just felt so overwhelmed and frustrated. Logically, I knew it could be replaced but, it just hurt. It hurt that something that was dear to me was taken. I know that the robber must have thought it was a laptop/electronic bag and just grabbed it. I calmed myself down, had my sister stay the night with me, and made plans to move as soon as possible.

Well, the next day I took off work to get the moving process taken care of. Around 8:00 AM that morning, my home phone rang. I answered and it was an older man. He said, Are you Constance? This morning I found your bag with your designs in my back yard. A pink and black bag with polka dots. My knitting bag!!!! I was ecstatic and couldn’t stop thanking him. Well, me and my dad met him at his house and sure enough it was my bag. And the best thing of all, everything was in there. My stitch counter was a bit damaged but, still workable. The grin on my face was a mile wide. 

I guess after they took the bag and rummaged through it they saw that there was nothing of value to them and they tossed it.

I must say that God is good. And He blessed me to get my bag back.

Right now, I am a bit overwhelmed with getting all of my utilities transferred over and everything packed up. But, I am happy to be moving to a safer and more secure location.

And that’s my happy ending to this story 🙂

Unfortunately, he got my knitting bag.
Unfortunately, he got my knitting bag.

WIP: Geraldine Pullover

For awhile now I have been wanting to try stranded colorwork (a.k.a. Fair Isle). But, I have never tackled and it always seems like such an enormous feat. I would look in all my knitting how-to books and see all those strands of yarn and get just super nervous. I have also looked at numerous videos on stranded colorwork, which helped to explain things a bit better. But, the nervousness was and still is there. I keep thinking What if my tension is too loose or too tight? What if I can’t get the hang of holding two-three strands of yarn? Will the different yarn balls get tangled? Yes, I really do battle with myself over this.

Then, one day I saw the most gorgeous vintage fair isle sweater. It was made with fingering weight yarn and the fair isle was all over the sweater. Since I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I figured I was up for the challenge. Well, I ordered the yarn then, that nervousness came back.

I talked with the owner at the local yarn store about wanting to tackle fair isle. She suggested starting with something small like a hat to get a feel for it. I had planned on doing this then, Andi’s Geraldine pullover came out. It was the perfect project to practice colorwork! It only features 30 rows of colorwork. And I especially liked that it was in a sweater because sweaters are my fave projects to make.

Yes, the nervousness is still there but, I am up for the challenge. And who knows, I may be building this up in my mind. So, we shall see…

I chose to go with colors in the blue family and I simply adore this Marina blue, which will be the main color. Last night, I winded all the balls of yarn and tried a gauge swatch on Size 5 needles. That didn’t work. This morning I tried Size 4 needles and it didn’t come out perfect but, I am going with the Size 4 needles. The pattern calls for a gauge of 24 sts X 38 rows = 4 inches. I am getting 24 sts X 36 rows = 4 inches. So, as I am knitting I will adjust the row count if the need arises…

The yarn being used is Knit Picks Brava Sport in Marina, Tranquil, Celestial, Red, Camel Heather, and Black.


Finished Object: Kindle Cover

My sister gave me a Kindle and I remembered this pattern from Crochet One Skein Wonders. So, I whipped up this cover. I am really pleased with the results. As you can see, I chose to make it in my favorite color. I noticed that when it comes to cozies I always flock to pink (especially this Shocking Pink from Red Heart Super Saver because it’s the most perfect shade).

I really like this stitch pattern. It produced a knit look that is very cushy.

The flower and leaf pattern came from my 200 Flowers to Crochet book.

Super quick and fun project.

IMG_8674[1] IMG_8676[1] IMG_8677[1]

Finished Object: Aiken Pullover

I finished this pullover during my Christmas break. I wanted the sweater to be complete by Christmas day but, I was being delusional. I put off my Christmas shopping until the last minute and I had many errands to run. So, this was instead finished 2 days after Christmas. So, I wore it on my Birthday, December 29. (I can’t believe that I am now 30 years old. Time flies!)

This was a very quick knit and thoroughly enjoyable. I learned a new cast-on technique, which was exciting. I used my Superstar Knitting book my Debbie Stoller to learn the technique.

I made the XS size because Andi, the designer, suggested about 1-2 inches negative ease. I am so happy I took her suggestion because I can now see that a Small would have been a bit big.


Yarn – Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Tranquil

Needle – US 7 (4.5 mm)

Size Made – XS


Next up, is the Geraldine Pullover. I just need to wind all those colors and do a gauge swatch. Also, I have been wanting to do a crochet pullover and I am thinking about trying out this Jetsetter sweater from Crochet Today in a neon color. We shall see…