A Quick Story

So, I usually don’t put my business out like this but, here goes…

On Wednesday night while I was at Bible Study, my home was broken into. I noticed that an 800-number called while I was in church but, I didn’t pick up. It was the alarm company trying to contact me. I came home to a shattered in window. I was a little annoyed. Why wasn’t I very upset, you ask? Well, because this is the 3rd time I was broken into. Yes, the third! (I had actually planned on moving out after the 2nd break-in but, since I got the alarm system I was hoping things would be better.) Also, I knew that I didn’t have any major ticket items in the place because I didn’t have enough confidence in the place to have high-quality electronics.

So, I called my parents so, that they could come and walk into the place with me. I saw that the TV was still there (it was an old one) and the rest of the place didn’t look too disrupted. So, as we were straightening up the place I noticed my yarn bag was missing. I panicked! Not my patterns! Not my notes! Not my stitch markers, needles, and other tools! Needless to say, I was very upset. I ran through the house checking every nook and cranny just hoping I put it in another room. I was in denial. Finally, my mother said Constance, it’s gone.

I went to the kitchen and just cried. I just felt so overwhelmed and frustrated. Logically, I knew it could be replaced but, it just hurt. It hurt that something that was dear to me was taken. I know that the robber must have thought it was a laptop/electronic bag and just grabbed it. I calmed myself down, had my sister stay the night with me, and made plans to move as soon as possible.

Well, the next day I took off work to get the moving process taken care of. Around 8:00 AM that morning, my home phone rang. I answered and it was an older man. He said, Are you Constance? This morning I found your bag with your designs in my back yard. A pink and black bag with polka dots. My knitting bag!!!! I was ecstatic and couldn’t stop thanking him. Well, me and my dad met him at his house and sure enough it was my bag. And the best thing of all, everything was in there. My stitch counter was a bit damaged but, still workable. The grin on my face was a mile wide. 

I guess after they took the bag and rummaged through it they saw that there was nothing of value to them and they tossed it.

I must say that God is good. And He blessed me to get my bag back.

Right now, I am a bit overwhelmed with getting all of my utilities transferred over and everything packed up. But, I am happy to be moving to a safer and more secure location.

And that’s my happy ending to this story 🙂

Unfortunately, he got my knitting bag.
Unfortunately, he got my knitting bag.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Story

  1. Man, that sounds like a rough day! I’m glad your story has a happy ending – good luck with the move, I’ll cross my fingers so it all goes well (It’s the first time I’m commenting here – hi! I love your knitting!)

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