Knitting and Crochet Books

Okay, so maybe I have a problem.

First of all, this past Saturday I finally got everything moved from the old place with the help of my family and church members. YAY!! So, now I am all settled in the new apartment.

Now, back to the problem. While packing and moving stuff, I realized I have a huge load of knitting and crochet books/magazines. I knew that I had quite a collection but, seeing it really put things into perspective. According to my Ravelry account (where I have most of the books listed in my library) I have 3,860 patterns! I couldn’t knit or crochet that in a lifetime. For that reason, I am taking a break from buying craft books. They take up too much space and I couldn’t possibly create all those projects anyway.

I must admit however, that I have really been eyeing the new Crochet Red book that came out this month. I already own the Knit Red and I love most of the patterns in that book but, I have not even made anything from that book yet. So, we shall see…


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