WIP: Marion

I’ve been making some headway with my Marion cardigan. I finished the back, right front, and left front. I am currently working on body shaping.

This yarn! Argh!! It splits but, I like how it looks and feels. So, I can see myself finishing up this cardigan. However, it is highly unlikely that I will ever purchase this yarn again. (It’s Caron Vickie Howell Sheep (ish).)

I will probably work some more on this cardigan over the weekend. But, it is definitely one of those projects that needs my concentration. So, I won’t be watching a movie or television with it. I’ll probably just listen to some music.

Well, that’s it for now. Have a great weekend!!


Finished Object: Geraldine and Ethel

I am so in love with this set. I mean really in love. I simply adore them. I can’t begin to express how much I love it so, let me get to the details…

As soon as Andi released her Wrapped in Wool collection, I fell in love. It really is like a “love letter to knitters”. The chart patterns drew me in because they featured knitting needles and yarn balls. Iknew immediately that this was the pattern for me to start my journey into the lovely world of fair isle. The design is what enamored me and I knew that I would have to cast on for the pullover and hat set first. I had plans to do the Aida mitts, which is also in the set, but it is getting warm in Alabama. So, I will save those for when Fall is approaching.

Before, I started the pattern I thought long and hard about the yarn colors. I knew I wanted to go with a vivid color and this Marine blue answered that call. I went with red for the yarn ball design because I really wanted it to pop. I went with camel heather for the needle design because I was thinking of the color of bamboo needles. This is the one aspect of the set that I am not completely crazy about. I feel like the needle design doesn’t pop and you don’t notice it unless you get close.

I definitely feel like this pattern took forever. It is longer than Andi’s usual cropped length and it is made with sport weight yarn. I believe I got spoiled with all those cropped designs made with worsted weight yarn. However, in retrospect a month is not a long time for a hat and sweater. And I did make a baby blanket and baby hat during that time.

The hat itself took no time just like I figured. I first did the chart pattern. Then, I put the hat down and finished the sweater. Once I finished the sweater I finished the remainder of the hat. I really think this hat could be whipped up in a day or two. I really like the swirly design that the decreases give the hat on the back. I also really enjoyed making the pom pom. I used my pom pom maker and made sure I wrapped it around numerous times. I wanted it to be fat and fluffy. It turned out perfect.

My row gauge was off and maybe that played a factor in the length of the sweater being 2 inches longer than it should be. However, my sleeve length was perfectly in line with the schematics so, I don’t know why this is. Because my body’s length was a bit longer I wear the sweater cuffed upward and I really like how it looks this way. I went up a needle size for the hat because I have a large head and thick head of hair. I am pleased with the fit.


Yarn – Knit Picks Brava Sport

Color – Marina, Celestial, Red, Black, Camel Heather, Tranquil

Weight – Sport

Needle Size – 5 (3.75 mm) for the hat and 4 (3.5 mm) for the pullover

Level – Intermediate

IMG_9080[1] IMG_9091[1]

IMG_9070[1] IMG_9071[1] IMG_9074[1] IMG_9078[1]



Future Project: Marion

IMG_9033[1] IMG_9035[1]

My Geraldine and Ethel are currently waiting to dry. I steam blocked them last night. (Post coming soon on those finished objects.) I am now anxious to start Marion another pattern by Andi Satterlund.

Marion has been in my queue since April of 2013 and it is now past time to start it. First off, I am in dire need of a purple cardigan. Purple is one of those colors that I hardly ever wear but, I do want to implement it a bit more in my wardrobe. I actually purchased the yarn and buttons for this cardigan during my vacation last summer from Joann’s Fabric store.

I have been doing gauge swatches this morning and honestly I am not loving the yarn. The yarn is Caron’s Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) yarn in Magenta(ish). It is a wool/acrylic blend. It is not the worst but, it definitely isn’t the best. However, I have decided to do some stash busting so this will have to do. The yarn splits and sheds a little. However, the color is just beautiful and it works up nicely also. So, I’ll just persevere…

I am excited about revisiting cables. It has been awhile since I’ve made anything with cables, which is crazy considering how much I love them. I think my last cabled project was Chuck (my favorite pullover). The cabled neckline is very nice and I like the added bonus of the cables on the wrists.

I plan on making the Small size.

Hopefully, all will go well with this cardigan (as they usually do with Andi’s patterns) and I will have a wardrobe staple with this purple cardigan.

Finished My First Skirt

In the previous post, I talked about wanting to sew a skirt. I had never made a wearable before and I was anxious to give it a try. That Friday night as soon as I got home, I got to work. I started at about 5:30 p.m. and finished at about 9:00 p.m. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

One thing I wish I knew how to do was put in a lining. I like linings because they don’t stick to your tights. So, it is necessary that I wear a slip with this skirt when wearing it with tights. So, I put a slip with it and it wears beautifully.

I actually wore the skirt on Saturday (the very next day) to get a feel for it. I wore it a bit more casual with my cowboy boots and Elsa jacket. Today, I dressed it up just a bit by putting it with my ankle boots and Hortencia cardigan. (OAN: I wear this Hortencia cardigan so much! The black makes it so versatile. It comes second as my most worn wearable. This red cowl comes first.)

Let’s talk about the issues I had with the project. My main issue is, I can’t sew straight. I would start at a the correct point and then the line would just start to veer off course and end up at the edge or off the skirt completely. I had to rip back my first seam and start over. It’s funny because I didn’t have a seam ripper so, I just used a very small steel crochet hook and it worked like a charm. Once I continued to work on the skirt, I got better at it. I learned that I do better when I hold both hands on the work. At first, I was just using one hand. I feel with practice I can overcome that feat.

This fabric was purchased at a thrift store about a year ago and it is 100% cotton.

Well, here is the finished product…

IMG_8978[1] IMG_8979[1] IMG_8982[1] IMG_8985[1]

This tutorial for this skirt can be found HERE.

Sewing a Skirt…

I have always wanted to sew but, sometimes I get a bit intimidated by the process of it all. When it  comes to knitting or crocheting, I feel like I am the one in control. But, when it comes to sewing the machine has a major part in the process.

I dabbled at sewing in the past. I made a wonky potholder, which I keep just because it was the first thing I sewed. I also made a mini quilt, which I adore. It is still displayed in my living room. I also hemmed a skirt and mended a few.

The ladies from the Untangling Knots group on Ravelry really inspired me with their handmade dresses and skirts.  Also, I adore Jennifer Lauren‘s handmade dresses and skirts.

So, now I actually want to make a wearable from scratch. I looked at YouTube videos, read books, and bought the very easy patterns but, it still seemed mind boggling to me. Then, I found this tutorial. And after looking over it, I figured I could give this a try.

So, tonight I plan on giving this a go. I looked through my fabric stash. Even though I don’t sew I had a few choices because I had “plans” to make a skirt for over a year now. I debated but, I settled on this fabric because it matched a lot of items in my wardrobe.

I will let you all know how it turns out…

IMG_8929[1] IMG_8932[1]

WIP: Geraldine

I have been moving along kinda slow but steadily with this pullover. So, let me update you…

My row gauge was off by 2 rows with my gauge swatch. I went with the size 4 needles because I don’t have any size 3 longer length needles (I really need to remedy this) and I figured I would adjust the rows. Well, I didn’t. I just kept on knitting and watching movies. So, my body portion of the sweater is 2 inches longer than it should be. I was thinking I would rip it back and adjust but, I am kinda ready to be finished. I debated with myself. So, I kept trying it on. I didn’t like how it was sitting in the middle of my hips. I debated some more and then, I cuffed the sweater upward and it is perfect! I am now so happy I kept knitting. I really like how it looked and now I am excited about finishing it up.

Now, I just need to make sure to monitor the length of my sleeves so that they don’t end up a weird length.

Hopefully, I can have this sweater and the matching hat complete by next week. I am really ready to start Marion because I am in dire need of a purple cropped cardigan.

This is the length of the sweater before I cuffed it upward…

IMG_8917[1] IMG_8918[1] IMG_8920[1]