Sewing a Skirt…

I have always wanted to sew but, sometimes I get a bit intimidated by the process of it all. When it  comes to knitting or crocheting, I feel like I am the one in control. But, when it comes to sewing the machine has a major part in the process.

I dabbled at sewing in the past. I made a wonky potholder, which I keep just because it was the first thing I sewed. I also made a mini quilt, which I adore. It is still displayed in my living room. I also hemmed a skirt and mended a few.

The ladies from the Untangling Knots group on Ravelry really inspired me with their handmade dresses and skirts.  Also, I adore Jennifer Lauren‘s handmade dresses and skirts.

So, now I actually want to make a wearable from scratch. I looked at YouTube videos, read books, and bought the very easy patterns but, it still seemed mind boggling to me. Then, I found this tutorial. And after looking over it, I figured I could give this a try.

So, tonight I plan on giving this a go. I looked through my fabric stash. Even though I don’t sew I had a few choices because I had “plans” to make a skirt for over a year now. I debated but, I settled on this fabric because it matched a lot of items in my wardrobe.

I will let you all know how it turns out…

IMG_8929[1] IMG_8932[1]


2 thoughts on “Sewing a Skirt…

  1. I’ve been knitting for 10 years and am just now learning to sew. I also find it kind of intimidating. One of the reasons that I like knitting so much is because I know that if I screw up, I can just unravel my work and start over–I don’t necessarily like doing it, but I still find having that option makes me less anxious. Still, I’m committed to finally figuring out this sewing thing. Good luck with your skirt!

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