WIP: Geraldine

I have been moving along kinda slow but steadily with this pullover. So, let me update you…

My row gauge was off by 2 rows with my gauge swatch. I went with the size 4 needles because I don’t have any size 3 longer length needles (I really need to remedy this) and I figured I would adjust the rows. Well, I didn’t. I just kept on knitting and watching movies. So, my body portion of the sweater is 2 inches longer than it should be. I was thinking I would rip it back and adjust but, I am kinda ready to be finished. I debated with myself. So, I kept trying it on. I didn’t like how it was sitting in the middle of my hips. I debated some more and then, I cuffed the sweater upward and it is perfect! I am now so happy I kept knitting. I really like how it looked and now I am excited about finishing it up.

Now, I just need to make sure to monitor the length of my sleeves so that they don’t end up a weird length.

Hopefully, I can have this sweater and the matching hat complete by next week. I am really ready to start Marion because I am in dire need of a purple cropped cardigan.

This is the length of the sweater before I cuffed it upward…

IMG_8917[1] IMG_8918[1] IMG_8920[1]


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