Inspiration: Pullovers

I have been really flocking to pullover patterns lately. However, it will be getting warmer soon so, I am trying to cut back on making them. Though I have been wondering if I can quickly knit up this pullover and wear it at least twice before it’s too hot.

Here is what’s been inspiring me lately…

cable pullover CTSO08WAVE1 highlighter pullover intricate cable pullover letter pullover owl pullover pink pullover pluto pullover sea surf pullover vogue pullover

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Pullovers

  1. I’m having the same problem! I know that the snow storms will stop eventually and the foot of snow will melt, but right at this moment, all I want to do is knit sweaters. Especially that orange one…

    • Exactly!! And it will be warm in Alabama this entire week so, I’m thinking that the major part of the cold is ending. I’m back to working on 3/4 length cropped cardigans. I’ll start back dreaming about pullovers near the end of summer…

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