Outfit Along



I am such a craft geek and can’t resist a challenge.

Well, two of my favorite bloggers have teamed up to have an Outfit Along 2014. This is pretty much a knit along and a sew along combined. I can’t begin to tell you how super excited I am about this! Andi of Untangling Knots and Lauren of LLADYBIRD are the brains behind this wonderful outfit along.

A couple of post ago, I was just telling you all about how I yearn to venture into dressmaking. It seems like such a feat but, something I really want to try. Me Made May has really inspired me and I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful dresses other ladies have made. So, I can’t wait to start this challenge.

First off, let’s talk about the Myrna cardigan. This is yet another gorgeous design by the super talented Andi Satterlund. Her designs fall right in line with my style, which is why I can’t stop making them. I think this will be a fairly simple knit with some interesting details. I plan on using the suggested yarn, which is Miss Babs Yowza in Squash Blossom. I have really been flocking to the color yellow lately and this shade is simply gorgeous. Suffice it to say, knitting the cardigan will be the simpler part of the challenge for me. If for some crazy reason I can’t get the Squash Blossom, I will go with green in Ghoulish or blue in Clematis.


Now, let’s talk about this dress. As you all know, I am a novice sewer. I only have 3 skirts under my belt and those were the most simple creations ever. They just involved rectangles and elastic. I thought my first dress would also be something as simple as pie such as the pic below. But, let’s be honest how often would I wear such a simple design. And it definitely wouldn’t fit into favorite dress category.

simple dress


So, the pattern they chose for the dress (and you can use another pattern if you choose to) was Simplicity 1803. I looked at the picture and fell in love. Every detail about this dress was beautiful. I really like both versions and debated about which version to make. After thinking long and hard, I really like the first version with the slashed neckline. I chose this version because it’s not like anything I own yet, it is something that I would really like in my closet. I think I am going to go for the gathered skirt because I like how full it looks. And I definitely need pockets.


Moving on to the fabric choice. Me Made May has really inspired me with the retro dresses. My favorite dresses have been the comic print dresses because they look retro, unique, geek, and girly. I haven’t completely decided which fabric to use yet though I know it will be comic inspired. I know I will be ordering from Joann.com because they have quite a few options. Look below for details about my choices so far.

Marvel Print – This is my number 1 choice but, they are currently out of stock on the website. I asked them to notify me as soon as it was available. I like how the comics look like the original vintage comic books. I am also in love with the colors because my yellow cardigan will go perfectly with this.



Marvel (Option 2) – I actually like this print. It has a more modern look to it. Again, I like the yellow in it, which would really compliment the cardigan.

marvel 2


Archie – When I was a child, we would always read Archie comics. So, I have a special love for them. When I was a child, I was a Betty girl. But, now I actually like Veronica more.  Again, I really like the colors in this print and it goes with what I have in mind.



Archie (last option) – So, this fabric does not have the vivid colors but, I really like the gray scale. It would make the dress more versatile. I like pairing really bright cardigans over neutral dresses so, this would work with almost any color.

archie 2


OK, that concludes my thoughts on my fabric choices. I do hope that Lauren will add a lining to her dress so, she could walk us through that. If not, I will try to figure out how to add a lining to the dress. Personally, I feel that if I am going to make my clothes I should make sure to give it the highest quality.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Along

  1. You are awesome. I discovered you on instagram and I am in awe at all your knitted creations. I’m into sewing and would love to try knitting at some point. Your work is beautiful and I see you’re a natural hair gal too 🙂 Good luck with your seeing I have no doubt that you’ll do well at it. Concerning the fabric you could also check online at Spoonflower.com to see if they have any options you can print

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