Me Made May ’14 – Week 4

Only 3 days left! While it has been fun, I do look forward to the end. So, let’s get started on the details from Week 4.

Day 22 (Thursday) – I was off this week from work so, I didn’t have any major plans. So, I went to visit my family and went for a laid back look. I really like how loose and comfortable the Casual Summer Top is. This is the second time this top has appeared during MMM.

day 22

Day 23 (Friday) – This was a sad day. A little girl of 5 was laid to rest (who I loved dearly) after battling with brain cancer. We were asked to wear orange and white to the funeral because orange was her favorite color. I had just finished this orange Miette by Andi Satterlund. After the service and burial I went to my family’s house for the pic for MMM and my sister’s dog, Pheonia, decided to make an 23

Day 24 (Saturday) – This may be one of my favorite outfits from the week. I like how the crochet bib necklace, a pattern from A Common Thread blog, looked with this outfit. Again, this is the first skirt I ever made using this tutorial. It was a nice, relaxed outfit that still looked put 24

Day 25 (Sunday) – I actually wore a different dress earlier that day to church but, I didn’t get a pic. But, this is what I wore after church and I still wore the same Marion cardigan. What can I say about this outfit? It’s basic and it 25

Day 26 (Monday) – This was Memorial Day and I didn’t feel like wearing anything Me Made. I had just washed my hair, detangled, and then braided it up. Then, I realized that I could wear a hat over my braids. So, I just slipped on this crochet hat  from the book Crochet That Fits. I have had this hat for years and I have never blogged about it or put it up on Ravelry. It is the only thing Me Made in this outfit. As you can see, I am super casual on this day.
day 26

Day 27 (Tuesday) – This was my first day back to work after my week off. Of course, I went for bright colors so, I could be in a great mood. Again, the Miette cardigan has reappeared. I am also wearing my One-Hour Skirt. This outfit was definitely a favorite. The formula of high waist skirts and cropped cardigans never 27

Day 28 (Wednesday) – And this is what I am wearing today. This is the second time that my white chevron lace cardigan has made an appearance. I really like how it looks with my favorite maxi dress. Ok, let’s talk about this maxi dress. I had planned on wearing it earlier in MMM but, I couldn’t find it. I tore my room and closets apart looking for it last week until the wee hours of the morning. I finally gave up and figured I lost it when I moved. Well, when looking through my fabric stash I noticed that I had stored some dresses at the top of the linen closet. And I found the dress! So, I wore it today. Ok, the 28That concludes my Week 4 of Me Made May. I’ll do a post later for the last 3 days.



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