OAL2014: Getting Prepped

Well, the Outfit Along officially started this past Sunday.I finally have all my materials and I am ready to get started.

I ordered my yarn from Miss Bab’s. It is Yowza Whatta Skein. I was hesitant to order because I thought that it would take about a week for the yarn to arrive. But, it actually arrived on Monday and I had just placed the order on Friday. I did not want to settle with this yarn because I was drawn to this yellow as soon as I saw it. It is Squash Blossom and it is absolutely perfect. The yellow is so beautiful and they did a great job with this hand painted yarn. And the most amazing thing is that you get 560 yards per skein! So, I only needed one skein for my cardigan. I will be making the XS and it only requires 440 yards. I already have my eyes on some other colors that I want to order from them.

Today, I did checked my gauge and it was perfect with the size 8 needles. Tonight, I plan on casting on…


Now, let’s talk about the fabric. As mentioned previously, I really wanted a comic print fabric. Initially, I had planned on ordering the yarn. But, with the date for the OAL looming over my head, I decided to go to Joann’s and pick up the fabric. They only had the Spiderman print fabric, which I wasn’t too keen on. I like Spiderman but, I didn’t want a dress with only him on it. Plus, it didn’t match my yarn. So, I wandered around the store for over an hour and decided on a beautiful owl print fabric since I love owls. I also picked up some pink lining. I was able to get the Simplicity 1803 pattern and my notions from Joann’s.

Well, the next day I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some pinking shears. And while in there I decided to browse their fabrics. Lo and behold, they had the Marvel print! I tried to talk myself out of it but, I picked it up because this was my preferred choice over the owl print.

That Saturday, I pre-washed my fabric on the regular cold cycle and put it in the dryer with no softener.

Yesterday, I read Lauren’s post on choosing fabric and the proper size for the garment. According to her instructions, I will be making the Size 4. She suggested referring to the measurements printed on the pattern pieces instead of the back of the envelope. I have a bust of 32 and a waist of 25. This will give me the recommended ease and hopefully it will fit beautifully. I also read her post on adding under linings, which seemed simple enough. I am still debating if I will add lining. I mean, I could just wear a slip. But, lining would mean I never have to search for a slip. I haven’t made up my mind yet…

IMG_0123[1] IMG_0128[1]

 I’ll keep you posted on the OAL2014.


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