Finished: Shirt (Butterick b5653)


And it is done! Well, you all know about my previous issues with trying to make this shirt. I learned many, many lessons. Also, I have to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who chimed in and offered advice and support during my first disastrous attempt.

On Friday night, I immediately went home and got back to work on this shirt. I fixed the gathers on the front of the sleeves and pretty much started from scratch for the sewing portion. And it worked out beautifully. I adore this top and actually wore it the next day to lunch and shopping. I received a compliment from the hostess on the shirt. I wanted to say Thank you. I made it. But, I just settled for Thank you 😉

I think I did alright with my underlining. It could have been neater but, I am pleased with it nonetheless. I have to re-do my slip stitches  because I think I rushed the process during the finishing and they weren’t that neat. So, I am going to mend that at a later date.

Further Details:

Pattern – Butterick b5653

Version – Version D with Version C’s shorter bottom. No trim added.

Fabric – from Wal-Mart at $1.50 per yard

Size – XS

??????? ??????? ??????? ???????

OAN: We start marking and cutting for the OAL2014 today! Why did I not know that pattern envelopes come in different sizes? I am such a newbie to this. So, I have the wrong size for my dress (size 14 – 20) and I need the Size 4. After work, I plan on making a trip to pick up the correct size pattern. Welp, that’s all I have to say about that.


10 thoughts on “Finished: Shirt (Butterick b5653)

  1. Yay, well done for persevering! Such a cute top as a result 🙂 And not all patterns come in different sizes – only some do, so I still get caught out occasionally as well. Also, really awkward when you’re between sizes and trying to figure out whether you want to grade down the top half of a dress, or grade the bottom half up – really annoying! I much prefer the ones with only one size 😉

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