My Love/Hate Relationship with Sewing

Just when I think I kinda have the hang of this sewing thing then, I realize that I don’t. Let’s talk about Simplicity 2444. I really debated between making a Size 4 or a Size 6. Well, I went with the 4. HUGE MISTAKE. The thing runs really small. I went with the size 4 because I wanted a fitted bust with no gaping. My bust is a 32” and the size 4 is 32.5” when finished. Now the dress itself is beautiful and I adore the darts and how it brings everything in at the waist. But, in the end, it just doesn’t fit :/



Sorry about the crappy photo but, I just wanted to show you a pic of the dress so far. It looks fine in the picture but, I am actually attempting to hold it closed in the back. 

After I finished my side seams, I tried on the dress and it is too small. I will play with letting out the seams and maybe some of the darts. I have also been debating adding a fabric panel to the back. I just don’t know. Of course, I stayed up until 2:00 am fiddling with it. And I knew I needed to go to bed but, the mistake just kept niggling at my mind.

I really enjoy how sewing allows for you to have a wonderful finished object suited to your likes but, I get super annoyed with the fit issues. Maybe it’ll come in time.

Also, how annoying is it to work on something for hours on end and then have to rip back all that work?!?! Argh!!!! Ok, I’m finished with my gripe.

Oh yeah, I don’t know if I want to toss this crap of a dress, buy another 2444, and try again in a different size. Or just work with what I have because I loathe giving up on projects. Another thing is, I love this plaid fabric and I found it at the thrift store so, I will need to search for a similar print if I were to attempt it again.

Was this project a waste of time and materials? Right now, I’m not sure and will have to find out.


12 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Sewing

  1. The hardest adjustment I had to make when I started sewing is dealing with the fact that I can’t RIP it back and re-knit it if it’s not working. I’m sorry this dress didn’t work the way you planned. Hopefully you will find a creative way to salvage your hard work. The fabric is really great.

  2. Sorry this didn’t work out as you expected. Are you perhaps in-between sizes? Is the dress lined which would make the fit tighter? Is your underwear adding more to your body measurements than you have anticipated? I don’t sew but when I knit I always think about what I’ll be wearing under the garment in order to get as realistic a fit as possible.

    • You know I wonder the same thing. I looked at the waist measurements for the pattern and I see that the Size 4 has a waist of 22.5 (that is tiny) with a finished waist of about 25 considering the ease. My waist is 26. I’m actually wearing some pretty thin underwear so, that may not be the problem.

  3. Oh it’s so annoying when that happens! I too always seem to get a painful reminder whenever I start to think I’m getting the hang of sewing. One thing I’ve learned though is too always trace my patterns rather than cut the original pattern put as, that way, if you’ve cut the wrong size, you can just retrace rather than buying another copy of the pattern.

  4. May not work, but if you get some solid fabric in a matching color in your plaid print you can add it to the sides to enlarge it and add a cool effect. That allows you not to waste what you’ve cut. I did something similar for a dress for my daughter

    • That is a cool idea. I was thinking about adding a panel but, I didn’t think to add it in a solid color. Fortunately, I moved the back pleats out and the back darts and the dress fits fine now. But, I will remember in case I have any future mishaps.

  5. Try adding a solid color that’s matches a color in your plaid fabric on the side to add extra inches, and a cool effect.

    • Another person just told me about this cool effect. I will definitely keep it in my mind in case any future mishaps occur. I was able to salvage the dress by moving out the back pleats and back darts.

  6. Oh, I so hear your pain! I’m glad to see you managed to salavage it 🙂 I still find it frustrating that you spend so much time on something, imagining what it’ll look like, and then it’s just not right – gaah! Still gets me! With knitting, the surprise somehow seems a bit less so far – maybe because you see it more as you knit it if that makes sense?

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