Inspiration: Spring Garments

It’s that time of year again. The colors are budding and the sun is shining. I have been eyeing some Spring designs. They inspire me and make me want to ditch all my current WIPs. But, I must have discipline. Check out the beautiful garments and details below.


This pattern is from Knitty Spring-Summer 2015. I like that it is a mix of knit and crochet–my two loves. I plan on starting this project in May. It’s simple stunning. Also, I think I will use the suggested linen yarn. I have never worked with linen, so I am excited. I plan on using Quince & Co. Kestral in Rosehip. The pattern can be found HERE.D117051111_medium

I just adore this pattern. I don’t know if I plan on making it in the near future, but I think it is just inspiring. This is a pattern by Yoko Hatta and can be found HERE.image_medium2

You can’t imagine how long I have been eyeing this crochet cardigan. I bought the entire digital issue of Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 7 for this pattern alone (there are some other great designs in this issue). Technically this is from the winter issue, but I think this cardigan is the perfect layering piece for Spring. I plan on completing this cardigan in the summer. I am having a hard time thinking of the right color combination. I adore the colors in the sample, but I don’t want to copycat. This is a design by one of the best crochet designers, Simone Francis. The pattern can be found

This pattern is from the current Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 13. I adore it. Typically, I don’t like working with fingering weight yarn, but I am willing to make an exception for this top. OAN: The styling and photography in this photo are spot on. The pattern can be found HERE.Β IMG_4434_medium2

As a reward for the hard work I put in this year, I plan on making a trip to the beach for utter relaxation. (I am also traveling to Copenhagen and San Francisco, but those are school/profession related.) This cardigan is the perfect beach cardigan. Should I have time to make it, I will use the exact color in the photo. That sand shade is the perfect color for beach knits. The pattern is by Alicia Plum (a great designer with stunning designs) and can be found HERE.

Extra Thoughts: I have UFOs on my mind. I am making headway with my Henriette cardigan and I hope to complete it this weekend. So, expect a post on that. Also, do you remember my Vivian pullover that I started last year that I planned on finishing by Christmas 2014? Well, I may have missed the deadline, but I plan on picking it up and completing that soon. Also, do you remember my Piperita finger less gloves? I plan on finishing that soon also. I refuse to cast on anything until those 3 items are complete. Now, let’s hope I can adhere to that rule.

12 thoughts on “Inspiration: Spring Garments

  1. These are all very pretty patterns. I will go check them out. Especially the crochet cardigan! I hear you on the UFOs I have a few those laying around too! It’s hard not to start another pattern when something catches your eye!

    • These are all very pretty patterns. I will go check them out. Especially the crochet cardigan! I hear you on the UFOs I have a few those laying around too! It’s hard not to start another pattern when something catches your eye

  2. The next project is always so exciting, isn’t it? I have 3 I am hoping to finish before starting a new one. And that is my knitting- spinning is the same way for me. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my! These are stunning designs! I have been dreaming to crochet a cardigan and your post just gave me the inspiration ! I may be knitting/ crochet one of these design very soon πŸ˜‰

  4. Good Luck! Hopefully these exciting new things will give you sufficient motivation to finish your current WIPs. I usually give myself some leeway with new things, but it’s nice to clear out old things once in a while. And then come fall, those sweaters will be ready and waiting for you! πŸ™‚

  5. Some excellent choices for your next knitting projects. I particularly like the one from PomPom Quarterly. I hadn’t realised that the summer magazine was out yet and despite have more than enough knitting to keep me occupied for the next few months couldn’t resist ordering the latest magazine. Living in the UK I have treated myself to the print version. They are always so beautifully printed and wrapped with real care that it is worth it. Good luck with finishing your current WIPs.

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