A Crafting Moment: Handmade Cards (for Church Deacons)

My church recently appointed some new deacons and I wanted to give them a card congratulating them. I made these cards using blank cards that are found in Walmart’s crafting section. I also found the stickers with the cross and stars in Walmart’s crafting section. The cut-outs were made with construction paper and adhered with Elmer’s glue. The writing was made using stamping stencils also found in Walmart’s crafting section. On the back of the card, I posted my name so, they would know it was handmade.

Just a quick crafting idea for Christian cards.


A Crafting Moment: Black History Month

I think every knitter/crocheter out there also loves to create other crafts. For me, it would have to be felted brooches, card making, and just other random stuff. Therefore, I decided to start a segment on my blog entitled “A Crafting Moment”. Yes, I understand that crocheting and knitting is also considered crafting but, this will be posts dedicated to my other crafts. Ok, moving on…

At my church, I was recently given the job of Youth Director. And as Youth Director I needed to plan out our next big program which was the Black History Program. I must admit that I was feeling the pressure and stress but, after praying about it numerous times I calmed down and it was a great success by the grace of God.

The color scheme was:
Red, Green, Yellow, and Black

Materials used:
Construction Paper
Poster Board (red, black, yellow)
Elmer’s Glue
Scotch Tape
Copy Paper
Manila Folders
Hole puncher

The crafts involved in the program were:
-Signs for the Timeline Skit
-Neck signs for the Timeline Skit
-Display poster board
-Table display for the entry

For the Signs with the Dates on them I decided to use jumbo popsicle sticks so, that the signs could pay homage to the protest signs used during the Civil Rights Movement. The actual sign itself was created using construction paper and stencils. I cut the stencils out with a contrasting color and used Elmer’s glue to attach to the construction paper. I also glued a blank white paper on the back with their speech attached just in case theY forgot the speech. (Most of the children memorized their speech anyway.) Also, the popsicle stick was attached with Elmer’s glue and then scotch tape for extra security.

For the Neck Signs with the Different Eras, I decided to use a black poster board. I simply cut out the stencils on a contrasting color and attached with glue. I then punched holes in the signs and weaved a piece of yarn through the holes. These signs were worn by the younger children (age 2).

The Display Poster Board was created with the stencils used in Black. The theme for the program was “Look Where He Brought Us From” so, I put the theme centered on the board. For a moment I didn’t think it would fit but, it worked out perfectly. I then printed out Black/White photos of key moments and key individuals in Black History. (Slavery, Freedom, Segregation, Frederick Douglass, MLK, Gen. Colin Powell, President Obama, Our Pastor, and more)  I posted the pictures collage style around the words. I used glue to attach it. For the back drop of the red poster board I used a yellow board in shadow style. Since the store didn’t have any green poster boards, I cut green construction paper in strips and attached with glue to continue the shadow style.

The last project was the Display Table, I wanted to contine with the theme so, I printed out pictures of key individuals in our history from the past to the present. The main photo was a picture of key individuals in our history. I used a backgroudn of yellow, green, red, and black construction paper. To get the photos to stand upright I used a manila folder. The big photo was attached to manila folder with glue. The smaller photos were attached with glue over the folding part of the folder and I then trimmed of the excess.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for your own Black History projects or other programs you may have.

More pictures:
Up close shot of the main photo. I added in the theme to the bottom of the photo.
These were the pictures displayed on the entry table.
These were the signs before holes were punched in them and the strings weaved in.
The main display board that was posted throughout out the program next to the podium.