WIP: Chuck

I’ve mentioned before how much I adore the blog Untangling Knots, which is run by Andi. Well, after I finished pattern testing her Elsa Jacket, I decided to start making her pullover Chuck (I’m getting an early start on my Fall/Winter sweaters). I have been literally admiring Chuck since the day it came out but, I put off starting it because I was working on my Shapely Cardigan. But, you know that project has been moving super slow for me. I have no excitement for it any longer and I am just ready to get it off the needles so, I can stop looking at it. But, I digress…

So, Chuck has been so much fun to work up! I have such major love for cables so, I knew this would be a great pattern to do. Andi really has the best instructions for her patterns. They are clear and concise. I am on the last few rows of the body and then, I just have to do the sleeves and neckline.

I plan on making two versions of this pullover. One in pink and one in orange. I chose to do pink first because even though that is my favorite color, I have never made a wearable in that color.

Chuck is a great pattern for those who love vintage styled designs. It has great waist shaping and it is cropped so, it is the perfect length for those vintage-inspired dresses/skirts. It also looks great layered over a longer shirt with jeans as I have seen other Ravelers wearing it.

I’m am trying to finish Chuck during my vacation, which starts tomorrow (Yay!!!) because I will be doing some more pattern testing for Andi. I am also super-excited about that project and will keep you all up to date on how it goes. I will be making a trip to the Yarnhouse Studio on Monday when I return to get the materials for that project.


WIP: Classic Lap Blanket

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are making lap blankets to donate to Nursing Home residents. Last night, I started on my second lap blanket. For this lap throw, I decided to go with a super simple project, that didn’t require much thinking, and could be whipped up in a snap. I found this pattern while on Ravelry of a Classic Baby Blanket. The finished blanket will measure 36 x 36, which is about the same measurements as the other lap blanket so, I thought it would be perfect.

I am about 45% done and I am really enjoying it. Contemplating making one for myself…

This free pattern can be found HERE.

WIP: Lap Throws for Charity

The Missionary Department at my church decided to make lap quilts for Nursing Home residents as Christmas gifts.  I am responsible for making 2-3 lap throws.

I have had this pattern in my free pattern folder for some years now and I knew it would be perfect for the project. So far, I have done about 20% of the lap throw and it’s going by wonderfully. It is a very easy pattern that is very easy to memorize. I plan on making another throw in red and another in soft navy. I am trying to keep with general colors so, that they can be given to female or male residents.

I really hope they enjoy it!


Level – Easy

Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Paddy Green

Hook – US L/6.00mm

A Current Project: Martha Stewarts Vogue Knitting Cover Cowl

When I first saw Martha Stewart on the cover of Vogue Knitting, I figured it was time I purchased my first Vogue Knitting Magazine. I simply ADORE Martha Stewart and her craftiness. I then looked through all the gorgeous patterns in the magazine but, decided I wanted to knit the cowl that Martha was rocking because she is awesome and the pattern was gorgeous.

The designer for this cowl is Kristin Ohmdahl and she designs the most beautiful pieces that you can imagine!!! Check her out—>

It wasn’t hard for me to choose the yarn for this project because I had been wanting to use Red Heart’s Aran Fleck for awhile. And I always felt that cables looked best with natural colors (think ivory, white, oatmeal, etc.)

{{Side Note: I know that many hate acrylic out there and that is fine because we all have our likes and dislikes. But, I mainly use acrylic yarn because it fits my budget. Its also great for my skin because I suffer with eczema. Also, the colors and options are crazy. So, I prefer yarns with acrylic and/or cotton. Ok, I’m ending that soap box.}}

I started on this cowl in December 2011 and I have been working on it off and on. I think its a great pattern that requires some concentration–definitely not mindless knitting.

Here’s a story for you: One Friday night, I thought I would have a movie marathon and work on this cowl. Well, obviously I was into my the movies more than my knitting because I had 3 miscrossed cables by the end of the night :-/ Fixing cables when they are some rows down can be a PAIN. So, I went to bed around midnight and I couldn’t get the miscrossed cables out of my mind. I got back up reached for my Stitch N’ B—- Superstar Knitting book and read the section on miscrossed cables. Wasn’t really feeling that method.  So, I googled it and then I used the Yarn Harlot’s method of fixing cables the embroidery way and I was pleased 🙂 I still have to fix 2 more miscrossed cables but, I think I will do it during the finishing. The lesson learned was that I am one of those people who can’t stand miscrossed cables. I really couldn’t get it out of my mind that entire night. I may have even dreamed about those miscrossed cables taunting me. LOL!

I am about 45% done with this pattern and I will be aiming for finishing it by the first week in March. The sad thing is I didn’t even get a chance to wear it this winter. But, honestly this winter had been so mild in Alabama that the opportunity never would’ve arose. I made myself and my mother these crochet cowls that I simply adore. I only got to wear the cowl about 3 times this winter 😦

My progress pictures below:

The cowl is so much longer than this now but, I haven’t taken any recent pics. I have about 22 inches done and the pattern requires 29 inches.

This is a good shot of my 3 miscrossed cables. Oh, how I hate em 😦
This is a picture of the correct miscrossed cable. (It’s the one in the middle row in the center of that row.) It doesn’t look exactly like the others but, it’ll work 🙂