Favorite Fall Sweater

Well, my next post was supposed to be an update on my Marion for the MarionKAL but, this is much more fun! So, Andi asked us to name our favorite Fall sweater, which was not an easy task for me. But, after much debate with myself I will reveal my favorite Fall sweater at the end of this post.

Some did not make the cut. They are Marion (crappy yarn) and Shapely Boyfriend (gives me hip wings).

I just want to say that I used to dread Fall season. It meant going back to school and cold weather coming in. However, when I started knitting this all changed. I feel like now my entire year is prepping for my Fall/Winter knits. Then, I get so excited when the season changes so, I can finally wear my favorite pullovers. So, let’s get started.

Oh yeah, I had fun trying on different outfit combinations as you will see 😉


Aiken – Definitely one of my favorite pullovers. I plan on making another one soon in a better yarn.
Beulah – This cardigan will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first knit garment and it is still one of my most worn cardigans. I don’t see myself ever making another one because the seaming was the biggest pain! But, it looks like it was made for this dress I recently ordered from Modcloth (on sale at a great price).
Chuck – This was my first challenging knit. My Daddy was wary of my ability to create this so, I set out to prove him wrong. This pullover features 2 of my favorites–cables and hot pink.
Hetty – I absolutely adore this cardigan! The dusty pink is very elegant to me and goes perfectly with the lace pattern. To date, this is my most cardigan. I wear it year round and it goes with almost every dress in my closet.
A to Z – I consider this my varsity sweater. I like that it is personalized for me because of the ‘C’. I don’t wear it much in the hotter seasons so, I am looking forward to wearing it soon. The color combination is just perfect to me.
Miette – This cardigan sat in my queue for the longest. I am happy that I finally got around to making it. The fit is perfect. However, I must admit that I prefer it buttoned because it just looks better that way. (I’m covering my mouth because I felt like my lipstick clashed with the orange.)
Geraldine – This sweater had to make the cut. It’s named after my aunt. LOL. JK. But seriously, this sweater lets the world know that I am a knitter and I love it. How adorable are those knitting needles and yarn motifs. Perfect. I can’t wait to wear this with the matching hat during the colder months.
Hetty.2 – I loved my first Hetty so much that I had to make another. Initially, my second was supposed to be in a forest green but, I went with a loud red. I love it.
Hortencia – Yes, it’s black and simple but, I love it. I wear it sooooo much. There is nothing like a neutral sweater to add to your wardrobe. And to this day I love my 2 buttons and giggle every time I think about the story behind those buttons.
Elsa – I couldn’t leave my beloved crochet out of the mix. Most of my crochet garments are open and lacy so, I adore that this is not. I just love the Jackie O feel to this jacket. The details are also a major perk i.e. the buttons and zipper. I have actually been planning to make another but, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Soon…

Well, after much debate I did decide on my favorite Fall sweater. I took into account how often the item is worn, the color, and the design features. It was a close call between Hetty.1 and Chuck. But in the end, Hetty in pink won. It’s in my favorite color, it’s worn once a week, and the lace design is the most beautiful thing.

hetty collage

This was fun! I can’t wait to see everyone’s #favoritefallsweater.

In Progress: Aiken

I have been going on and on about how much I wanted to knit the Aiken pullover. I wanted to start as soon as the yarn arrived but, I forced myself to complete my unfinished projects this past weekend.

So as soon as Monday arrived, I cast-on! I am making the XS size becaue the designer suggested it is best with 0-2 inches negative ease. I did not get gauge with the suggested Size 8 needles but, I did get it with the Size 7 needles. The yarn being used is Knit Picks Brava in Tranquil. It is 100% acrylic. I don’t have a problem knitting with acrylic yarn and it steam blocks beautifully to me. I used this same yarn for my Chuck pullover and I have worn it quite a few times and it is holding up quite nicely. This yarn feels squishy and soft–but, not too soft. It also has a nice sheen but, it is not too shiny. It’s just right.

I don’t know if it is due to my excitement over the project but, as you can see it is literally flying off the needles. I am about done with the body (currently working on the ribbing) and look to be starting the sleeve tonight. That is some great progress in just 4 days! Maybe I’m dreaming big but, I have been thinking that I would like to finish this in time for Christmas Day because I have this red pencil skirt that would look beautiful against this sea-green. But, we shall see…

Also, the lace work is so pretty to me. It does require for you to pay attention but, it is not complex at all to create. It also worked up super fast. The lace design is worked the same for the front and back.

IMG_8403[1] IMG_8404[1]