Finished Object: Bunnies

Well, this past Friday I finished all the bunnies that I had been working on. They will be donated to hospitalized children this Saturday. I am really pleased with the outcome.

This was a very simple pattern from Issue 2 of Simply Crochet. I used Red Heart Sport in Vermillion for the Red bunny. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Paddy Green and Amethyst for the green and purple bunnies. Their tails were made with Red Heart Super Saver in Light Grey. The eyes and nose were embroidered with scrap yarn of Red Heart Super Saver.

The hook size used was 4.5 mm. If I were to make them again, I would go down a hook size to avoid the stuffing peeping through.

I had planned on sewing little vests for them but, the deadline date was pushed up. Therefore, I decided to just adorn these bow ribbons that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

Overall, I am pleased with the results.

IMG_8324[1] IMG_8325[1] IMG_8326[1]

Crochet Pumpkin Patch

I am the Youth Director at my church New Exodus Apostolic Church. Of course, the Youth are involved in quite a few events. So, whenever we have an event, if I have time I try to incorporate something creative and unique to the event. We don’t celebrate Halloween but, we do have Hallelujah Night, which is a great way to keep the children safe and teach them about the goodness of Jesus. So, this year I decided to make some crochet pumpkins for all the children. I made them in deep orange and bright orange. I made about 25 of the smaller pumpkins and I made about 3 of the larger pumpkins.

Everyone got a small pumpkin. But, the team who won first place for the Bible Scavenger Hunt got the large pumpkin. They had candy in the larger pumpkins along with a dollar 🙂

The pattern for the large pumpkins came from One Sheepish Girl and can be found HERE. The pattern for the small pumpkins came from June Gilbank and can be found HERE.