Finished My First Skirt

In the previous post, I talked about wanting to sew a skirt. I had never made a wearable before and I was anxious to give it a try. That Friday night as soon as I got home, I got to work. I started at about 5:30 p.m. and finished at about 9:00 p.m. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

One thing I wish I knew how to do was put in a lining. I like linings because they don’t stick to your tights. So, it is necessary that I wear a slip with this skirt when wearing it with tights. So, I put a slip with it and it wears beautifully.

I actually wore the skirt on Saturday (the very next day) to get a feel for it. I wore it a bit more casual with my cowboy boots and Elsa jacket. Today, I dressed it up just a bit by putting it with my ankle boots and Hortencia cardigan. (OAN: I wear this Hortencia cardigan so much! The black makes it so versatile. It comes second as my most worn wearable. This red cowl comes first.)

Let’s talk about the issues I had with the project. My main issue is, I can’t sew straight. I would start at a the correct point and then the line would just start to veer off course and end up at the edge or off the skirt completely. I had to rip back my first seam and start over. It’s funny because I didn’t have a seam ripper so, I just used a very small steel crochet hook and it worked like a charm. Once I continued to work on the skirt, I got better at it. I learned that I do better when I hold both hands on the work. At first, I was just using one hand. I feel with practice I can overcome that feat.

This fabric was purchased at a thrift store about a year ago and it is 100% cotton.

Well, here is the finished product…

IMG_8978[1] IMG_8979[1] IMG_8982[1] IMG_8985[1]

This tutorial for this skirt can be found HERE.

Free Pattern: Bowtie Beauty

IMG_8042[1]Do you remember not too long ago I made a few bowties for a friend’s event? Well, since I made up that pattern as I went I have decided to make it available for free. If you have an Ravelry account (you can join for free) you may download the pattern from the pattern page here.

I kinda put this pattern on the back-burner but, my niece has been wanting a bowtie of her own ever since she saw me make the others. She kept pleading and begging with me to make her some to wear with her school uniform. Well, while working on hers I found my rough draft of the pattern and edited it just a bit. So, it is now available on Ravelry.

This is a very simple pattern. I think it would be great for a beginner who wants to practice a few stitches. This pattern uses seed stitch, garter stitch, and 1 x 1 ribbing. Also, if you are a more experienced and just want a quick and satisfying knit then, this would be great too. It whips up in a couple of hours so, it’s an almost immediate gratification.

The yarn used was worsted weight acrylic (Red Heart Super Saver) and size 8 knitting needles.

Finished Object: Turban Headband

This past Friday I finished my turban headband as soon as I got home. I am really pleased with the results. I love super simple patterns that give your immediate gratification. I wore the turban headband the next day while thrifting and I can’t wait to make more.

I like the idea of turban headbands because since I wear my hair up a lot then, I can still have warm ears while looking stylish.

This pattern is from Nikki Trench’s book, Geek Chic Crochet.


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Shocking Pink

Hook – G (4.0 mm)

Level- Beginner

turban2 turban1 turban3 turban4