Finished Object: Hortencia by Andi Satterlund

I finished the cardigan that I was pattern testing for Andi and I am very pleased with the results. Simple yet stunning. Indulge me as I break down my favorite aspects of this cardigan.

The Fit

I was immediately captured by the vintage vogue feel of this cardigan. The deep neckline, the nipped in waist, and the full sleeves all worked so well together. It really shows off the feminine figure.

The Neckline

While the cardigan is mainly in stockinette stitch, the neckline is in garter stitch. This really makes it stand out. In addition to the garter stitch neckline the folded back collar is just so gorgeous to me. I am also really attached to the deepness of the neckline because it shows of my dresses beautifully.

The Buttons

I was very happy that this cardigan only featured 2 buttons. For this reason, I thought long and hard about the buttons that I would choose for this cardigan because I knew they would stand out. I didn’t know they would turn out this gorgeous against the cardigan and I am happy, happy, happy with my choice. I have already gotten a compliment on the buttons alone.

The Color

This was my first time making a black wearable. I usually flock to the more vivid and bright colors (you’ll see in my next project). But, I wanted to choose a color that was sultry. I had been serious debating with a wine red, eggplant, or black. Black won. I am so happy with this choice because it goes wonderfully with most of my dresses (I actually plan on wearing this on Sunday to the Christmas Concert with my pine green dress). It was kinda hard to capture the details on my camera with this dark color but, it worked out. I wore it with one of my brightest dresses and it winterizes my bolder colored dresses.

The Pattern Layout

Andi is really great at breaking down patterns and making them simple as pie. It was very easy to follow along with this pattern and I didn’t have any major problems. First off, the body works up very quickly because this is a deep neckline so, there is not much to knit. Also, the body is in the simple stockinette. Then, the sleeves flew by too! I thought that it would take awhile for the sleeves since they are full but, it was no biggy. The sleeves are a simple stockinette and ribbing. Andi used her signature set in sleeves using short rows so, no seaming required. Oh yeah, the entire cardigan in seamless! The neckline does take a bit longer than the typical ribbing neckline used in cardigans. But, this is because of the shawl-like neckline. It was easy to follow along with this part also. I was bit nervous about tackling it but, it was so simple! I finished the neckline very quickly too. This cardigan took me about 3 weeks to knit. How brilliant is that.

IMG_8192[1] IMG_8197[1] IMG_8200[1] IMG_8202[1]IMG_8206[1]IMG_8207[1] IMG_8209[1]


Next Up: My yarn arrived for my Aiken and Geraldine pullover. YAY!! I really want to cast on tonight but, I am trying to make some headway with the crochet bunnies.