Finished Object: Mei-Mei in Red

After I completed my first Mei-Mei, I decided to quickly whip up another in red. I used the same hooks and gauge as I did for the previous Mei-Mei. I wanted a tighter fit so, I stayed with the tighter gauge.


Yarn – Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn

Color – Fire Red

Hook – J (6.0 mm), I (5.5 mm), H (5.0 mm)

Level – Intermediate

IMG_0099[1] IMG_0103[1] IMG_0104[1] IMG_0105[1]


Finished Object: Mei-Mei

Since I don’t have my fabric or yarn for the Outfit Along, I decided to do some projects in between time. I have been eyeing this bolero in Everyday Crochet for some years. So, I decided to make it. I would have never thought it would only take 1 day to finish! And since it worked up so fast, I also made a red one. I steam blocked that version last night (Expect a post on that later.).

This doesn’t have to be a hard pattern, however; Doris Chan’s way of writing patterns is a bit annoying. I don’t like that I have to flip through so many pages to do one pattern. For instance, to make the bolero I had to do the yoke from a previous pattern. Then, I had to do the band from another pattern. It was a bit finicky.

Despite this, I am very pleased with the final result. This is why I deal with her patterns. Her designs are beautiful.

My gauge was a bit tighter than required but, I didn’t mind because I wanted a closer fit. Also, for the final round in the finishing I went down a hook size to get a tighter fit.


Yarn – Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn

Color – Sungold

Hook – J (6.0 mm), I (5.5 mm), H (5.0 mm)

Level – Intermediate


IMG_0073[1] IMG_0074[1] IMG_0075[1] IMG_0077[1]