Finished Object: Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan

The sweater that took almost a year to complete! Settle in because there is a story behind my extreme love/hate relationship with this sweater.

When, I first saw this cardigan on Ravelry over a year ago I just knew I had to make it. I stared at it for about a couple a months and then decided that it was worthy of my time. So, I didn’t have enough yarn of one color and I called up my sister, Alison, (a fellow needle crafter) and asked her if she could raid her stash and give me the yarn for this project. She gave me an Ivory color and Windsor Blue. I decided on the blue because I thought it was a rather unique type of blue and that it would be so versatile.

I started the project and was really enjoying it. Then, once I got to the waist something happened. I was simply bored with the project. So, I stuffed it in a bag and left it there for some months. I would think about it every now and then whenever I was bored or wandering aimlessly. Like, I really should work on that cardigan. But, still I couldn’t trump up any enthusiasm. So, I would look at other projects of the cardigan on Ravelry to get inspired and I finally decided to pick it back up. So, one night after my many months break I picked up the project and finished the body. I was pretty pleased with the fit and decided to try it on for some pictures. The next day when posting the pictures to my Ravelry page I noticed the bottom ribbing was a different shade!!! But, the yarn said it didn’t have a dye lot. What the heck! So, again my enthusiasm was lost and the project was stuffed away again.

Should I rip it? But, it’s been on the needles this long so, I might as well keep going. I’ll think about it later…

When, working on another project I learned the duplicate stitch. And once I saw how easy it was, I figured that there might be hope yet for the cardigan that I had come to hate. So, again I went back to browsing other Ravelers cardigans and saw that someone had placed stripes on the arms of her cardigan. Yes! This was it! I decided to add stripes to the arms and to even add an Owl. See, I have an infatuation with owls so, I figured if I place something I love onto something I hate then, I should love it. I also figured that if I strategically placed the stripes that the different dye lot would not be as noticeable and that it would detract from it.

Note the different dye lot on the sleeve, ribbing, and button band…
My excitement was back.

I finished the cardigan and added the duplicate stitch, which took about a week. And I must say, that I am pretty pleased with this cardigan.

So, there you have it the story behind this special cardigan. Enjoy the pics.


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Windsor Blue

Size – Small

Needle – 6 (4.0 mm) and 8 (4.0 mm)

Level – Easy to Medium

shapely boyfriend shapely boyfriend 1 shapely boyfriend 2 shapely boyfriend 3