Finished Object: Geraldine and Ethel

I am so in love with this set. I mean really in love. I simply adore them. I can’t begin to express how much I love it so, let me get to the details…

As soon as Andi released her Wrapped in Wool collection, I fell in love. It really is like a “love letter to knitters”. The chart patterns drew me in because they featured knitting needles and yarn balls. Iknew immediately that this was the pattern for me to start my journey into the lovely world of fair isle. The design is what enamored me and I knew that I would have to cast on for the pullover and hat set first. I had plans to do the Aida mitts, which is also in the set, but it is getting warm in Alabama. So, I will save those for when Fall is approaching.

Before, I started the pattern I thought long and hard about the yarn colors. I knew I wanted to go with a vivid color and this Marine blue answered that call. I went with red for the yarn ball design because I really wanted it to pop. I went with camel heather for the needle design because I was thinking of the color of bamboo needles. This is the one aspect of the set that I am not completely crazy about. I feel like the needle design doesn’t pop and you don’t notice it unless you get close.

I definitely feel like this pattern took forever. It is longer than Andi’s usual cropped length and it is made with sport weight yarn. I believe I got spoiled with all those cropped designs made with worsted weight yarn. However, in retrospect a month is not a long time for a hat and sweater. And I did make a baby blanket and baby hat during that time.

The hat itself took no time just like I figured. I first did the chart pattern. Then, I put the hat down and finished the sweater. Once I finished the sweater I finished the remainder of the hat. I really think this hat could be whipped up in a day or two. I really like the swirly design that the decreases give the hat on the back. I also really enjoyed making the pom pom. I used my pom pom maker and made sure I wrapped it around numerous times. I wanted it to be fat and fluffy. It turned out perfect.

My row gauge was off and maybe that played a factor in the length of the sweater being 2 inches longer than it should be. However, my sleeve length was perfectly in line with the schematics so, I don’t know why this is. Because my body’s length was a bit longer I wear the sweater cuffed upward and I really like how it looks this way. I went up a needle size for the hat because I have a large head and thick head of hair. I am pleased with the fit.


Yarn – Knit Picks Brava Sport

Color – Marina, Celestial, Red, Black, Camel Heather, Tranquil

Weight – Sport

Needle Size – 5 (3.75 mm) for the hat and 4 (3.5 mm) for the pullover

Level – Intermediate

IMG_9080[1] IMG_9091[1]

IMG_9070[1] IMG_9071[1] IMG_9074[1] IMG_9078[1]



WIP: Geraldine Pullover

For awhile now I have been wanting to try stranded colorwork (a.k.a. Fair Isle). But, I have never tackled and it always seems like such an enormous feat. I would look in all my knitting how-to books and see all those strands of yarn and get just super nervous. I have also looked at numerous videos on stranded colorwork, which helped to explain things a bit better. But, the nervousness was and still is there. I keep thinkingĀ What if my tension is too loose or too tight? What if I can’t get the hang of holding two-three strands of yarn? Will the different yarn balls get tangled? Yes, I really do battle with myself over this.

Then, one day I saw the most gorgeous vintage fair isle sweater. It was made with fingering weight yarn and the fair isle was all over the sweater. Since I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I figured I was up for the challenge. Well, I ordered the yarn then, that nervousness came back.

I talked with the owner at the local yarn store about wanting to tackle fair isle. She suggested starting with something small like a hat to get a feel for it. I had planned on doing this then, Andi’s Geraldine pullover came out. It was the perfect project to practice colorwork! It only features 30 rows of colorwork. And I especially liked that it was in a sweater because sweaters are my fave projects to make.

Yes, the nervousness is still there but, I am up for the challenge. And who knows, I may be building this up in my mind. So, we shall see…

I chose to go with colors in the blue family and I simply adore this Marina blue, which will be the main color. Last night, I winded all the balls of yarn and tried a gauge swatch on Size 5 needles. That didn’t work. This morning I tried Size 4 needles and it didn’t come out perfect but, I am going with the Size 4 needles. The pattern calls for a gauge of 24 sts X 38 rows = 4 inches. I am getting 24 sts X 36 rows = 4 inches. So, as I am knitting I will adjust the row count if the need arises…

The yarn being used is Knit Picks Brava Sport in Marina, Tranquil, Celestial, Red, Camel Heather, and Black.


Finished Object: Aiken Pullover

I finished this pullover during my Christmas break. I wanted the sweater to be complete by Christmas day but, I was being delusional. I put off my Christmas shopping until the last minute and I had many errands to run. So, this was instead finished 2 days after Christmas. So, I wore it on my Birthday, December 29. (I can’t believe that I am now 30 years old. Time flies!)

This was a very quick knit and thoroughly enjoyable. I learned a new cast-on technique, which was exciting. I used my Superstar Knitting book my Debbie Stoller to learn the technique.

I made the XS size because Andi, the designer, suggested about 1-2 inches negative ease. I am so happy I took her suggestion because I can now see that a Small would have been a bit big.


Yarn – Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Tranquil

Needle – US 7 (4.5 mm)

Size Made – XS


Next up, is the Geraldine Pullover. I just need to wind all those colors and do a gauge swatch. Also, I have been wanting to do a crochet pullover and I am thinking about trying out this Jetsetter sweater from Crochet Today in a neon color. We shall see…

In Progress: Aiken

I have been going on and on about how much I wanted to knit the Aiken pullover. I wanted to start as soon as the yarn arrived but, I forced myself to complete my unfinished projects this past weekend.

So as soon as Monday arrived, I cast-on! I am making the XS size becaue the designer suggested it is best with 0-2 inches negative ease. I did not get gauge with the suggested Size 8 needles but, I did get it with the Size 7 needles. The yarn being used is Knit Picks Brava in Tranquil. It is 100% acrylic. I don’t have a problem knitting with acrylic yarn and it steam blocks beautifully to me. I used this same yarn for my Chuck pullover and I have worn it quite a few times and it is holding up quite nicely. This yarn feels squishy and soft–but, not too soft. It also has a nice sheen but, it is not too shiny. It’s just right.

I don’t know if it is due to my excitement over the project but, as you can see it is literally flying off the needles. I am about done with the body (currently working on the ribbing) and look to be starting the sleeve tonight. That is some great progress in just 4 days! Maybe I’m dreaming big but, I have been thinking that I would like to finish this in time for Christmas Day because I have this red pencil skirt that would look beautiful against this sea-green. But, we shall see…

Also, the lace work is so pretty to me. It does require for you to pay attention but, it is not complex at all to create. It also worked up super fast. The lace design is worked the same for the front and back.

IMG_8403[1] IMG_8404[1]