Finished Object: Marion.2

The MarionKAL ends today and I finished in record time. As the deadline pushed closer, I realized how far behind I was. So, on Thursday, I drank coffee and worked to finish my sleeves. The next morning, I finished my neckband. One thing I do not like about rushing is I make careless mistakes.

  • First off, I picked up too many stitches for my set-in sleeve because I forgot I was making the XS this time around and not the S like last time. I noticed this error when I was about to begin the sleeve shaping. I had to rip out that sleeve and start over.
  • Second, for some reason I decreased when I wasn’t supposed to during the sleeve shaping. So, I was short a stitch. I noticed this mistake about five rows later. I was not about to rip back my work. So, I just dropped down to that stitch and corrected the mistake using my handy crochet hook.
  • Finally, when I was binding off I dropped a few stitches in the end but, this was easily corrected.

Despite the errors, I enjoyed knitting this cardigan. The biggest challenge was finding the time to knit. I work, attend classes at night and every other weekend, and have various sessions/seminars/tours that I attend. So, I usually have to pull all-nighters to get some knitting done.

I find time to knit because it really calms me and I enjoy it. I have realized that I need a break from being around my fellow graduate students and instructors so, I have found a knitting group. This will give my mind a break from the academic aspect of my life–which feels consuming–and give me a chance to focus on recreational things. They meet on Thursday night and I can’t wait!

Ok, that’s enough rambling. Check out the details below:

Yarn – Cascade 220

Color – Silver Grey

Needle – Size 8 (5.00 mm)

Level – Easy to Intermediate




DSCN0205 (2)

Finished Object: Hortencia by Andi Satterlund

I finished the cardigan that I was pattern testing for Andi and I am very pleased with the results. Simple yet stunning. Indulge me as I break down my favorite aspects of this cardigan.

The Fit

I was immediately captured by the vintage vogue feel of this cardigan. The deep neckline, the nipped in waist, and the full sleeves all worked so well together. It really shows off the feminine figure.

The Neckline

While the cardigan is mainly in stockinette stitch, the neckline is in garter stitch. This really makes it stand out. In addition to the garter stitch neckline the folded back collar is just so gorgeous to me. I am also really attached to the deepness of the neckline because it shows of my dresses beautifully.

The Buttons

I was very happy that this cardigan only featured 2 buttons. For this reason, I thought long and hard about the buttons that I would choose for this cardigan because I knew they would stand out. I didn’t know they would turn out this gorgeous against the cardigan and I am happy, happy, happy with my choice. I have already gotten a compliment on the buttons alone.

The Color

This was my first time making a black wearable. I usually flock to the more vivid and bright colors (you’ll see in my next project). But, I wanted to choose a color that was sultry. I had been serious debating with a wine red, eggplant, or black. Black won. I am so happy with this choice because it goes wonderfully with most of my dresses (I actually plan on wearing this on Sunday to the Christmas Concert with my pine green dress). It was kinda hard to capture the details on my camera with this dark color but, it worked out. I wore it with one of my brightest dresses and it winterizes my bolder colored dresses.

The Pattern Layout

Andi is really great at breaking down patterns and making them simple as pie. It was very easy to follow along with this pattern and I didn’t have any major problems. First off, the body works up very quickly because this is a deep neckline so, there is not much to knit. Also, the body is in the simple stockinette. Then, the sleeves flew by too! I thought that it would take awhile for the sleeves since they are full but, it was no biggy. The sleeves are a simple stockinette and ribbing. Andi used her signature set in sleeves using short rows so, no seaming required. Oh yeah, the entire cardigan in seamless! The neckline does take a bit longer than the typical ribbing neckline used in cardigans. But, this is because of the shawl-like neckline. It was easy to follow along with this part also. I was bit nervous about tackling it but, it was so simple! I finished the neckline very quickly too. This cardigan took me about 3 weeks to knit. How brilliant is that.

IMG_8192[1] IMG_8197[1] IMG_8200[1] IMG_8202[1]IMG_8206[1]IMG_8207[1] IMG_8209[1]


Next Up: My yarn arrived for my Aiken and Geraldine pullover. YAY!! I really want to cast on tonight but, I am trying to make some headway with the crochet bunnies.

WIP: Hortencia

As I mentioned previously, I am doing some more pattern testing for Andi Satterlund’s latest design. It is going by wonderfully with no major problems. The body portion went by relatively fast. I feel the longest part of the pattern may be the sleeves because they are full length and wide. It would be nice to finish the sleeves this upcoming weekend but, usually my weekends turn out to be very full. So, we shall see…

I really look forward to finishing this because I have this perfect holiday dress that I think would look perfect with it. I would like to wear it to my college’s Annual Christmas Concert, which is on December 8. So, even though I have until December 15 to complete the pattern I am aiming for December 8.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.



OAN: The hat I am wearing was made by sister April from the book, The Crochet Boutique. I made the pattern also in green and turquoise but, I find myself wearing the red hat the most.  It’s called the Bonnie Beret and with the new Bonnie & Clyde movie coming out soon I really enjoy wearing it. This pattern is also available for FREE.

WIPs: Cardigan, Cowl, Turban, and More…

Well, it seems that I have quite a few things on the needles and hooks these days! I have decided to forego making holiday gifts this year to avoid the stress (I will instead be purchasing gifts) and have instead decided to do leisure knitting and crocheting. However, I still have quite a few projects in progress that are for others. Let me give you a few details of what I am currently working on…

Shell Net Cowl 

Well I am making another shell net cowl. Remember I previously blogged about my finished lace cowl. Well, when I was working on that cowl in the knitting group another knitter asked me to create one for a friend of hers. She purchased the yarn, which is Malabrigo Lace in Cactus Flower. I am enjoying using this yarn and I have to purchase some for myself. When creating this cowl again I noticed that it is supposed to be a moebius cowl, which I did not do for my first one. Because I really loathe mistakes I gave that cowl to my mother instead of just tossing it. (I knew I wasn’t going to rip it back and start over because that yarn is so delicate that it breaks when being ripped back.) She loves it.


Turban Headband

I have been anxious to create something from my book Geek Chic Crochet (review coming soon) but, I knew I couldn’t obligate myself to a cardigan at this moment because of my current craft workload. So, I started this turban headband on Tuesday and it is still a work in progress. This is a great indication of how busy I have been lately because this is definitely a project that can be created in one night but, I just have been fitting it in when I can. I am using Red Hear Super Saver in Shocking Pink. This shade of pink is my favorite and I have yet to find another yarn retailer to create one so perfect. I decided to make this headband to avoid having cold ears this winter. I usually wear my hair up in the colder months but, since it is so thick then a hat can’t go over it. So, this should alleviate that problem and I look forward to warm ears. I want more turban headbands in gray and tan. This is a very simple pattern that honestly you can just look at to create. It is great for beginners and for the experienced that wish for a relaxing mindless project.



So, this is the project that I am most excited about!!! As you all know I just love making sweaters/cardigans. And my fave designer Andi Satterlund of Untangling Knots will be releasing a new pattern soon so, I am doing some pattern testing for her. The shape of this cardigan is so vintage, so vogue, and so elegant. So, as soon as it was agreed that I could pattern test this for her I started thinking about colors. I wanted to go for something deep and rich. Something that made you think sultry yet, elegant. Something that made you think about those fierce movie stars from the fifties. So, I debated on deep colors like a rich dark purple, black, gray, and red wine. I went to the LYS yesterday. I tossed out that red wine color because I have used similar colors in the past. The gray was simply gorgeous but, I didn’t think it went for the feel I wanted because it looked a bit casual. There wasn’t a purple that was deep enough to my liking. So, black it was and I am so ecstatic about my choice!! Honestly, I was leaning toward black anyway so, it worked out. 😀 This is my first wearable in black. (I once made a black crochet hat). Since the stitch pattern is simple then, I feel this is the perfect project for it. For example, when it comes to lace and cables I always go for colors because I want the stitch pattern to stand out. I am using Cascade 220 Superwash in black.

After getting the yarn from the LYS, I went to Hobby Lobby because I am in love with their button section. My Dad was with me while I was debating long and hard about which buttons to choose. I was again thinking elegant and vogue. I kept asking him for his opinion while I was going back and forth. He was getting frustrated with me because I guess in his mind a button is a button. LOL. Well, I finally decided on these gorgeous black buttons with a antique silver trim. I am pretty pleased with the choice.

IMG_8003[1] IMG_7997[1]

Other Projects

Well, my niece and been steadily pleading and begging with me to make her some bowties for about 3 months now. Ever since I created those bowties for a friend she has wanted some with a desperation so, I am going to try to find time to make her some. Also, I am still working on the baby vest for my college friend’s baby boy. And this is why I don’t like making baby items. They grow so fast and it is imperative that you finish as soon as possible so, that the baby will be able to wear it. The good thing is I am about finished but, I did experience a hiccup yesterday and had to rip back about ten rows. I look forward to finishing it and shipping it. off.

Finished Object: A to Z by Andi Satterlund

collage of atozSo, as you know I have been working on this cardigan for Andi of Untangling Knots for some pattern testing. I really enjoyed making this and I would actually like to create another in the future for my alma mater in the colors of Old Gold and Crimson. Simply put, I love it!!

This pattern was started on July 2nd and I finished the pattern portion on this past Sunday, July 21st. I let it block and then I finally added the buttons last night. This pattern was very fun and concise and it introduced me to some new techniques that I had never tried. Techniques such as seamless pockets, intarsia, duplicate stitch and three-needle bind off. It’s amazing how easy these techniques were and I’m happy that I was able to try it out.

So, why did I choose this green with navy trim. Simply put, I saw an advertisement of Solange with a bright green and navy cardigan and I loved the colors together. I saved the image in my phone for future reference and when this pattern came along I knew it would be perfect in those colors.

My most favorite part about the cardigan is the initial. It’s such a simple touch but, it is such a delight to see it on the cardigan. Also, it really personalizes it.


Needle – Size 8 (5.0 mm)

Yarn – Cascade 220 Superwash (in Green and Navy)

Level – Intermediate

Size – 34 bust/Small

IMG_7525[1] IMG_7529[1] IMG_7530[1] IMG_7532[1] IMG_7533[1]

Test Knitting: A to Z by Andi Satterlund

???????????????????Well, the project that has been getting all of my attention lately has been the cardigan that I am test knitting for Andi of Untangling Knots (Did I mention how great that blog is?). For the most part, it is a simple stockinette stitch cardigan but, I learned how to make seamless pockets and did a bit of intarsia. The instructions were clear and concise so, I had no problem creating them. I did notice that there were  a few extra rows in the pockets but, I continued with the pattern and blended the rows in while weaving the strands from the pockets in. It should have been 4 rows shorter…

So far, there hasn’t been any major problems in the pattern that have hindered my progress and I think it looks great so far.

I do prefer top-down sweaters because you get to try it on as you work but, there has been some benefits from working this sweater from the bottom-up. First off, I get the big part of the knitting out of the way. Also, I was able to get those seamless pockets done, which I think will be the most complex part of this pattern. And I was able to get the intarsia done on the pockets. That was my first time doing intarsia and it was no biggy. Since it was such a small amount done, I think it was great practice. So, now I am just smooth sailing…

I am finishing up the body and then, I will divide the left front, back, and right front.

The yarn I am using is Cascade 220 Superwash, which was purchased at the Yarnhouse Studio. I decided to go with a vivid green and a navy to tone down the green a bit. I like that it has the varsity jacket feel with these colors. Then, I will get to add my initial on the cardigan and I think that will really add to it also.

Life has been busy but, I have been making sure to work on this whenever I have a free moment–everyday. We have been having Vacation Bible School at my church from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm for the past 2 nights and we have it tonight also. So, I have been pretty much going to work, picking up my nieces/nephew, then church, dropping off my nieces/nephew, and then arriving home just in time to wind down.

Oh yeah, I started going to the Sit N’ Knit at the Yarnhouse Studio Saturday from, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. It has been so much fun! I have always wanted to sit and chat and knit with others who shared a passion for this craft that has my heart. So, I have been enjoying it. This past Saturday, I worked on my sleeves for my Chuck. And I actually got quite a bit done just from that sitting. So, this weekend I plan on taking Chuck again and working on it. But, the majority of my attention is still on A to Z…IMG_7481[1]