WIP: Shades of Purple Pullover

Even though my previous project wasn’t hard, I decided to go for a super simple pullover. Initially, I had planned on making the Henriette cardigan next but, I decided to save the more challenging knit for Thanksgiving break. This pattern is yet another Andi Satterlund pattern. It is her free pattern, which can be found HERE.

I planned on making this cardigan when it came out last year, however; it was getting very warm in Alabama at the time. So, I decided to save it for the Fall season. I had already ordered the yarn and brought it to school with me.

The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. The colors are Indigo Heather and Haze Heather. The Haze Heather color is a very light lavender, which has a tendency to look grey in certain lightings.

It is working up very fast. Last night, I checked my gauge. It was perfect. I then started the back and finished the back section today.

DSCN0225 DSCN0232

Finished Object: Little Guy Vest

This past Sunday, I finally finished the baby vest that I was making for a friend’s baby boy. This is not a time-consuming project at all but, it took me awhile to knit it. The reason for this is I got bored and there were other projects that captured my attention. However, babies do grow rapidly so, I made up my mind to finish this vest. I will be shipping it out very soon.

The yarn used was Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! in Royal. I used smaller needles for the ribbing on the lower part, the neckband, and the armholes. I used the larger needles for the body. The needles used were 4.0 mm (Size 6) and 4.5 mm (Size 7). Instead of using the straight needles for the armholes and neckband, I used Size 6 circular needles in 16-inch.

Welp, that’s all I can think to say about this simple knit. Oh yeah, this is a free pattern that can be found HERE.

IMG_8345[1] IMG_8347[1]

Free Pattern: Bowtie Beauty

IMG_8042[1]Do you remember not too long ago I made a few bowties for a friend’s event? Well, since I made up that pattern as I went I have decided to make it available for free. If you have an Ravelry account (you can join for free) you may download the pattern from the pattern page here.

I kinda put this pattern on the back-burner but, my niece has been wanting a bowtie of her own ever since she saw me make the others. She kept pleading and begging with me to make her some to wear with her school uniform. Well, while working on hers I found my rough draft of the pattern and edited it just a bit. So, it is now available on Ravelry.

This is a very simple pattern. I think it would be great for a beginner who wants to practice a few stitches. This pattern uses seed stitch, garter stitch, and 1 x 1 ribbing. Also, if you are a more experienced and just want a quick and satisfying knit then, this would be great too. It whips up in a couple of hours so, it’s an almost immediate gratification.

The yarn used was worsted weight acrylic (Red Heart Super Saver) and size 8 knitting needles.

WIP: Little Guy Vest

little guy vest


I think knitted and crochet baby items are so adorable! However, I rarely find the time to make them. I have had many friends have babies but, most of the time I’ll just make a trip to the store and buy something. If it were left to me, by the time I would get to making the item the baby will be a full adult 😉

When I first started crocheting in 2007, I made a baby blanket for a friend of mine while we were in college. That is the only baby-related item I have ever made.

However, that will quickly change with the addition of this little vest. I had planned on having a vest or cardigan done by the time my friend, Vivian’s baby boy was born. But, as I mentioned I am horrible with finding the time to make baby items. And they grow so fast! So, the baby is now over 6 months and I have just cast on for this project.

I decided to make a vest because it is straight and to the point. I don’t have to find any buttons, there is minimal shaping, and no color changes. I want to finish this before the week is out and get it in the mail to her.

I have decided to make the 12-month size since the baby is now 6 months. Hopefully, he can grow into it and get some use out of it. I am using Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Royal. This is a nice, soft, and durable yarn. So, if baby spits up on it just throw it in the wash.

I checked my gauge this morning and it was perfect so, I have now started the project. I’m thinking of purchasing a little bow tie to go with the vest, which will be super adorable. I’ll update you with pictures when it’s finished…

This is a free pattern from Red Heart, which can be found HERE.


Finished Object: Bags, Scarves, Hats

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had been working on some projects for the Missionary Department at my church. They requested matching hats, bags, and scarves. I chose simple, basic, and straightforward patterns that would not require a lot in the thinking process.

For the  hats, I chose the Flower Hat from the book Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful. For the scarves, I chose the free pattern by Red Heart, Heartwarming Crochet Scarf. For the bags, I went with the Spiral Mesh Bag from Crochet One Skein Wonders.

These projects were worked up in a little over 3 weeks. I for one am happy to be done with it because I really don’t enjoy the process of making the same thing over and over and over and over again. I start to loathe the repetition and I start to feel like a sweatshop.

In the end, I am pretty pleased with the results. Hopefully, they will like them.

IMG_7749[1] IMG_7682[1] IMG_7687[1]


Here are a few pics of me wearing a couple of the items.

IMG_20130823_090349_medium2 IMG_20130816_153400_medium2


Further Details:

Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Colors – burgundy, carrot, soft navy, amethyst, grey heather

Hook – 5.00 mm/H for scarves, 4.00 mm/G and 5.5 mm/I for bags, and 4.5 mm for hats

Level – Easy to beginner


Finished Object: Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan

The sweater that took almost a year to complete! Settle in because there is a story behind my extreme love/hate relationship with this sweater.

When, I first saw this cardigan on Ravelry over a year ago I just knew I had to make it. I stared at it for about a couple a months and then decided that it was worthy of my time. So, I didn’t have enough yarn of one color and I called up my sister, Alison, (a fellow needle crafter) and asked her if she could raid her stash and give me the yarn for this project. She gave me an Ivory color and Windsor Blue. I decided on the blue because I thought it was a rather unique type of blue and that it would be so versatile.

I started the project and was really enjoying it. Then, once I got to the waist something happened. I was simply bored with the project. So, I stuffed it in a bag and left it there for some months. I would think about it every now and then whenever I was bored or wandering aimlessly. Like, I really should work on that cardigan. But, still I couldn’t trump up any enthusiasm. So, I would look at other projects of the cardigan on Ravelry to get inspired and I finally decided to pick it back up. So, one night after my many months break I picked up the project and finished the body. I was pretty pleased with the fit and decided to try it on for some pictures. The next day when posting the pictures to my Ravelry page I noticed the bottom ribbing was a different shade!!! But, the yarn said it didn’t have a dye lot. What the heck! So, again my enthusiasm was lost and the project was stuffed away again.

Should I rip it? But, it’s been on the needles this long so, I might as well keep going. I’ll think about it later…

When, working on another project I learned the duplicate stitch. And once I saw how easy it was, I figured that there might be hope yet for the cardigan that I had come to hate. So, again I went back to browsing other Ravelers cardigans and saw that someone had placed stripes on the arms of her cardigan. Yes! This was it! I decided to add stripes to the arms and to even add an Owl. See, I have an infatuation with owls so, I figured if I place something I love onto something I hate then, I should love it. I also figured that if I strategically placed the stripes that the different dye lot would not be as noticeable and that it would detract from it.

Note the different dye lot on the sleeve, ribbing, and button band…
My excitement was back.

I finished the cardigan and added the duplicate stitch, which took about a week. And I must say, that I am pretty pleased with this cardigan.

So, there you have it the story behind this special cardigan. Enjoy the pics.


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Windsor Blue

Size – Small

Needle – 6 (4.0 mm) and 8 (4.0 mm)

Level – Easy to Medium

shapely boyfriend shapely boyfriend 1 shapely boyfriend 2 shapely boyfriend 3

I’ve Been a Busy Little Elf

Well, I told you all previously that I would be making most of my Christmas gifts to give to my family. I feel everything has been going by wonderfully fast and smoothly. I finished the spa sets for my sisters, hats for my nieces, and a gorgeous lace accent scarf for my Mother.

Here’s what I need to finish: (1) The Brioche Scarf for my Dad (2) Beanie for my nephew

That’s not too bad.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of what I’ve done so far. Of course, I still have to get creative with the wrapping and presentation but, I’m sure I’ll get to it…


I love how the spa sets for my sisters turned out. I used free patterns that can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.

These are the hats for my nieces. Patterns are from Crochet Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family.

IMG_6112[1]I am in absolute love with this drapey lacey accent scarf.

My book 101 Designer One Skein Wonder arrived yesterday in the mail and I could not wait to do this pattern from the book.

I plan on making a felt brooch to go with the scarf.

Well, this little elf needs to get back to work so, I’ll update you all later.

Finished Object: Christmas Trees


This picture depicts the true color of the trees.

I mentioned that I would be making some Christmas Trees to put as a centerpiece for my kitchen table. I noticed that I had no Christmas decor in the kitchen so, I figured I could whip these up quickly. It does not take long at all to make these. I made the large tree on Monday and made the smaller tree on Tuesday. Of course, it did not take me a whole day and I feel both of these trees could be made in a few hours.

I am really pleased with how they turned out. It has that simple yet glam feel–which is what I was going for. I hope that these tree will reappear in future Christmases so, I wanted something that was versatile and would go with whatever decor I have at that time.

This is a free pattern that can be found HERE. (free registration required)


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Paddy Green

Hook – G (4.00 mm)

Level – Easy


WIP: Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan

shapely cardiganWell, I started this cardigan on September 10th and the progress I have been making on it is sad.  I saw this cardigan and knew I had to make it. It is one of those cardigans that’s versatile and can be worn with just about anything. So, I started and had plans to finish it before Fall came. Well Fall came and Winter is going to be here on December 21st.

The pattern has been going by wonderfully so far. I think that my progress is lacking because of boredom. I had just finished making a stockinette stitch cardigan and then, I picked up another stockinette stitch cardigan.  Maybe it is time to challenge myself more. I’m thinking a Debbie Bliss design with cables or fair isle…

I do love the color of this yarn. It was gifted to me by my sister, Alison, from her stash. I can see this is going to be a go-to cardigan.

This is a free pattern that can be found HERE.

Here are a few details:

Needles – US 6 (4.0 mm) circular in 32 inch, US 8 (5.0 mm) dpn, and US 8 (5.0 mm) circular in 24 inch

Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Windsor Blue

Size – Small

Level – Easy

Finished Object: Another Lap Throw

IMG_5990[1]IMG_5989[1]As I mentioned previously, I was working on Lap Throw #2 to donate to Nursing Home Residents.

This pattern is actually listed as a baby blanket but, baby blankets make nice lap throws also. I really, really, enjoyed this nice and super simple pattern. This is definitely one of those patterns that you can zone out and watch a movie. An added bonus–it works up super quickly. And because of this, the procrastinator in me took over and took a 2 day break. Today, I finished it and I simply love how it turned out. I want one for myself. Maybe one day I’ll have time to treat myself 😉

This is a free pattern that can be found HERE.


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Cherry Red

Hook – J (6.00 mm)

Weight – Worsted (4)

Level – Beginner to Easy