An Inspiring Mess

Granny-Xmas-stockingsLast night, as soon as I came home from church I picked up my granny square stocking project from Sarah London’s book Granny Square Love. Everything was going just dandy. I had my sister choose her favorite yarn color combos since this stocking was for her. Then, I finished about 11:00 p.m.

Well, I go to hang up the stocking next to the stocking I had made for myself and it was off. I kept re-hanging it but, they weren’t meshing well together. I then realized that my stocking was bigger. So, I take the stocking down and put them on top of each other and sure enough, it was bigger. I had an extra row in my stocking. I know some would let bygones be bygones but, my mind just couldn’t wrap around that mistake. So, you know what I had to do…

RIIIIIIP!! Yep, I ripped it up to a certain point and started back over. What a mess but, I finished crocheting the stocking at 12:30 a.m. Way past my bedtime 😦

But, I was so pleased with the finished result. I also changed my three color combo. Originally, I went with the colors from Sarah’s stocking in the book: pink, yellow, and purple. But, once my sister put together her color combo (ruby red, purple, pinkish red) I wanted to change mine up because her colors looked liked jewels. So, I just changed out the yellow for royal blue and I am so pleased with it: pink, purple, and blue.

Now, on to weaving in those ends…


This was the inspiring mess I was surrounded by last night.
IMG_5992[1]Oh, the many ends I need to weave in…