WIP: Vivien Pullover (Christmas Sweater Update)

I have really put this project on the back burner. It was not picked up the entire month of June or most of July. I caught the sewing bug and was really enjoying the OAL2014. So, now that the sewing machine is packed away and the OAL is over I am back at it.

I am still working on the front. Sad, right? But, whatev. I may be off my schedule but, if I continue to work on it I can definitely finish this before December.  I am determined to finish this pullover.

I adore how the colors are coming together and hopefully, this will be a sweater that I love.

Right now, I am about to start the armhole shaping. I plan on working on this over the next couple of weeks before I start school. (I plan on working on it while at school, too.)

IMG_0686[1] IMG_0687[1]


Extra Thoughts: Today is officially my last day at work. I have been a Secretary for the past 5 1/2 years (I never expected to be here that long) and I am really going to miss it. I’ve enjoyed the memories and the wonderful friendships formed. However, I am looking forward to school and having a career in the field of Library Science and/or Archiving. I’m also looking forward to sushi tonight with my sister, Alison. She’s treating me so, that’s always a plus 😉

WIP: Vivien Pullover (Christmas Sweater)

IMG_9865[1] IMG_9864[1] IMG_9866[1]

My progress on this sweater has been terribly slow. I haven’t been home much these past weeks. And since this is my “at-home” project that has slowed the progress of this sweater.

So, let’s talk about the project. I really like how it is turning out so far and I get super excited every time I see more of the design coming through. It may just be me but, I adore looking at the back of stranded color work. It is so pretty to me.

I am very anxious to add the green into the mix and then the red. Then, I will be able to get a real look at the design.

I noticed that the other ladies who are participating in this Christmas Sweater Challenge have a timeline. I definitely need to incorporate some deadlines for myself because otherwise this will get put on the back burner. Then, I will look up and 2015 will be here with an unfinished sweater.

So, here goes…

  • June – Have front of sweater complete
  • July – Have back of sweater complete
  • August – Finish a sleeve
  • September – Finish a sleeve
  • October – Block and seam

Notice I gave myself a free month. This gives me room to have a plan B in motion just in case I need the extra time.