Test Knitting: A to Z by Andi Satterlund

???????????????????Well, the project that has been getting all of my attention lately has been the cardigan that I am test knitting for Andi of Untangling Knots (Did I mention how great that blog is?). For the most part, it is a simple stockinette stitch cardigan but, I learned how to make seamless pockets and did a bit of intarsia. The instructions were clear and concise so, I had no problem creating them. I did notice that there were  a few extra rows in the pockets but, I continued with the pattern and blended the rows in while weaving the strands from the pockets in. It should have been 4 rows shorter…

So far, there hasn’t been any major problems in the pattern that have hindered my progress and I think it looks great so far.

I do prefer top-down sweaters because you get to try it on as you work but, there has been some benefits from working this sweater from the bottom-up. First off, I get the big part of the knitting out of the way. Also, I was able to get those seamless pockets done, which I think will be the most complex part of this pattern. And I was able to get the intarsia done on the pockets. That was my first time doing intarsia and it was no biggy. Since it was such a small amount done, I think it was great practice. So, now I am just smooth sailing…

I am finishing up the body and then, I will divide the left front, back, and right front.

The yarn I am using is Cascade 220 Superwash, which was purchased at the Yarnhouse Studio. I decided to go with a vivid green and a navy to tone down the green a bit. I like that it has the varsity jacket feel with these colors. Then, I will get to add my initial on the cardigan and I think that will really add to it also.

Life has been busy but, I have been making sure to work on this whenever I have a free moment–everyday. We have been having Vacation Bible School at my church from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm for the past 2 nights and we have it tonight also. So, I have been pretty much going to work, picking up my nieces/nephew, then church, dropping off my nieces/nephew, and then arriving home just in time to wind down.

Oh yeah, I started going to the Sit N’ Knit at the Yarnhouse Studio Saturday from, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. It has been so much fun! I have always wanted to sit and chat and knit with others who shared a passion for this craft that has my heart. So, I have been enjoying it. This past Saturday, I worked on my sleeves for my Chuck. And I actually got quite a bit done just from that sitting. So, this weekend I plan on taking Chuck again and working on it. But, the majority of my attention is still on A to Z…IMG_7481[1]

Knit Style: Bowtie Beauty

IMG_7190[1]Even though I am just trying on the bowtie in this picture (it is going to be shipped out), I really like how the style of this looks. This is the outfit that I am wearing today and the bowtie just fit with it so seamlessly. My outfit consists of a colorful plaid full skirt, a crisp white collared shirt, belted waists, and accessorized with bangles and bold earrings. Then, the bowtie adds the final effect.


Book Review: Sweater Girls

Sweater_girls_lgI have been purchasing quite a few craft books in the past few months. It is for that reason that I am now on a break from purchasing more. (Even though, I have been really wanting to purchase Blueprint Sweater by Robyn Chachula)

But, on to the review. If you know me, then you would know I love all things vintage, antique, old, whatever you may call it. So, when I was browsing the books in the Needlecraft section of Books-A-Million I knew I had to purchase it. They took old patterns from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s and they put them in this book. I think there are about two new designs in the book but, they also have a vintage feel to it.


1. A nice number of vintage sweaters. There are also some gorgeous knitted stockings, a fair isle hat, a lace skirt, and some elegant wristers.

2. Nice instructions (I have read over a few but, I have yet to do a pattern yet.)

3. Very diverse. As aforementioned the patterns are from the 1940s – 1950s so, they are all the same style.

4. Beautiful and inspiring photos. They kept with the vintage feel but, still you can really see yourself wearing the style in today’s era.


1. All of the patterns use fingering yarn except, the wristers (sport yarn). So, for me that means I have to order because there aren’t really any yarn stores in my area. I am limited to the department stores. But, KnitPicks really answers this call.

2. The patterns are mainly worked flat so, there will be a bit of seaming and a lot of finishing.

Future projects from the book I plan on making are: Clara Bow Panel Sweater, Vivien Sweater, Great Lacy Wristwarmers

Below I have featured a few of my favorite designs:

Sweater Girls 2 Sweater Girls 4 v5_medium2

WIP: Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan

shapely cardiganWell, I started this cardigan on September 10th and the progress I have been making on it is sad.  I saw this cardigan and knew I had to make it. It is one of those cardigans that’s versatile and can be worn with just about anything. So, I started and had plans to finish it before Fall came. Well Fall came and Winter is going to be here on December 21st.

The pattern has been going by wonderfully so far. I think that my progress is lacking because of boredom. I had just finished making a stockinette stitch cardigan and then, I picked up another stockinette stitch cardigan.  Maybe it is time to challenge myself more. I’m thinking a Debbie Bliss design with cables or fair isle…

I do love the color of this yarn. It was gifted to me by my sister, Alison, from her stash. I can see this is going to be a go-to cardigan.

This is a free pattern that can be found HERE.

Here are a few details:

Needles – US 6 (4.0 mm) circular in 32 inch, US 8 (5.0 mm) dpn, and US 8 (5.0 mm) circular in 24 inch

Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Color – Windsor Blue

Size – Small

Level – Easy

Knit (and a little crochet) Style: Beulah Cardigan

Today, marks the second time that I have worn the Beulah Cardigan, which is a pattern from the Knitscene Spring 2012 issue. I absolutely love this cardigan and feel it is just so flattering. But, I think I don’t wear it as much as I can because it’s definitely one of those cardigans that people remember. And I don’t want anyone to be like “She sure wears that all the time”. LOL

I usually like to pair the cardigan with navy blue and a pop of red. However, in the future I will play with different looks with this cardi. Also, I have yet to wear it with some jeans and that may look cute too.

I am also wearing some crochet earrings that I made from the Crochet Today May/June 2012 issue.

Outfit details:

Cardigan – Handmade by me (knit)

Skirt – Banana Republic

Top – Walmart

Shoes – Gianni Bini

Earrings – Handmade by me (crochet)

Finished Object: Beulah Cardigan from Knitscene Magazine

First off, forgive my hiatus. I have not stop knitting and crocheting. Actually, I have done quite a few projects since I was last on. So, let’s get started…

I finally finished my Beulah Cardigan from Knitscene Magazine, Spring 2012. I started back in March and put the project down for a minute. I then picked it back up and started working on it feverishly.

I am in love with the results and I am now contemplating making another one in pink (my fave color). My mother requested a Beulah Cardigan but, I am currently working on a project for her and I am trying to get started on some Fall/Winter projects soon. So, I don’t think I’ll have the time. We shall see…


Yarn – Vanna’s Glamour in Topaz for the Main Color and Vanna’s Glamour in Sapphire for the embroidery. I used about 3 1/2 balls for the main color and just some scap yarn for the embroidery.

Gauge – My gauge was close to perfect.

Needles – Size 4 Straight needles, Size 6 Straight needles

Level of Difficulty – Advanced Easy, The embroidery was something new for me but, once I got in the rhythm it wasn’t bad at all.


Yesterday I got quite a bit accomplished with my knitting. I only have 2 active works in progress (WIPs) right now. They are the Mitered Square Afghan and the Martha Stewart Cover Cowl. I have a fear of having too many WIPs and never finishing any of them so, I try to have no more than 3 WIPs at a time. So, even if I get tired or bored with a project I continue to work on it.

Let’s talk about this afghan. I started this afghan back in 2007 for my boyfriend at the time. I did about three rows then, stopped. I had the afghan tucked away in my yarn stash for 4 years and didn’t think I would ever pick it back up. Then one day I was on Ravelry and I got inspired by the many different versions of this afghan. So, I picked it back up and started working on it. I plan on finishing this afghan by April 15th because I want to start on another afghan and I REFUSE to have two afghan WIPs. LOL. To make sure I stick to finishing this afghan I made a calendar telling myself to knit 3 mitered squares each day. It’s been working 🙂

The pattern is super simple and very easy to memorize. The yarn I am using is Red Heart Super Saver. The colors are Dark Sage, Hunter Green, and Frosty Green. Obviously, I am sticking to the shades of green. I plan on having this afghan for the rest of my life and I figured green is a great color that usually goes with most decor.

Moving on to the cowl that started in Winter 2011 and won’t be worn until Winter 2012. I finished the cowl cabled portion yesterday. The pattern told me to stop at 29 inches and even though I kept measuring the piece I still went over and it’s 30 inches in length. Oh well. Also, yesterday I made another miscrossed cable 😦 So, the total count for miscrossed cables on this cowl is 4. I plan on fixing them during the finishing process. Today I plan on starting on the edging for the cowl and hopefully if the Lord wills I will finish by the end of this week. BTW, the yarn for the cowl is Red Heart in Aran Fleck.

Pictures of my progress…