Finished Object: Shell Net Cowl

This weekend I worked on all my WIPs…and I finished them all! Woo Hoo! I knew that I wanted to finish my current projects because I will soon be going on winter break and I want to devote the entire time to knitting Aiken, Geraldine, and Ethel. So, I will be blogging about all the recently finished objects but, let’s first start with Edition 2 of the Shell Net Cowl…

You may remember that I made a Shell Net Cowl for myself a few months ago. I figured that it would be a super-simple project and didn’t pay much attention to it. Well, I should have looked at it more carefully. The cowl was supposed to be a Mobius Cowl and I just worked it in a continuous round. I realized this mistake when working on the second Shell Net Cowl. I loathe mistakes so, I no longer wanted that cowl. The yarn was too delicate to rip back so, I gave it to my mom and she loves it. Now, let’s talk about this new Shell Net Cowl.

When working on the first cowl at the knitting group, I was approached by a fellow-knitter who did not crochet. She asked that I crochet her one so, I said yes. She purchased the yarn, which is Malabrigo Lace in Cactus Flower. The yarn was ¬†delight to work with and the color called to me (I adore pink. It’s my favorite color.). She requested that the cowl be longer so, I added 30 extra stitches to the foundation chain. And I literally had just enough yarn to finish the cowl.

This can be worked up fast but, for some reason I move relatively slow on shorter projects. I devote so much time to my larger projects that the shorter projects usually go on the backburner. Once you get everything started, this pattern can be memorized very easily. It’s the perfect on-the-go project to carry around in your knitting bag.

Because I do adore this pattern and this delicate cowl. I have already purchased some more yarn from Knit Picks to make another for myself. I ordered the Shadow Tonal Lace Yarn in Deep Waters this time around. If I have enough time, I plan on working on this over the break.

IMG_8333[1] IMG_8337[1]


Finished Object: Shell Net Cowl

So, this previous weekend I finally finished and blocked my Shell Net Cowl from the book Crochet One Skein Wonders. I initially picked up this pattern to have a mindless project to work on while at the Yarnhouse Studio‘s Sit N’ Knit on Saturday. Well, this turned out to be not as mindless as I would have liked.

First off, I had to chain over 350 chains. And counting chains that small was making my eyes go wonky. I ended up ripping back twice and I still ended up with an extra chain but, I moved on and got over it.

Also, for some stupid reason I did not initially work this in a continuous round. And this was my idiotic mistake because this is clearly a moebius, which means it should have been a continuous round. By the time I caught this mistake I had completed about 7 rounds. So, I had to rip back. And that was a major pain! The yarn kept breaking and I was getting super frustrated. But, I finally got it all ripped back, started over, and completed the cowl.

I blocked my cowl, which gave it more of drape when compared with the original photo. I am pretty pleased with the end results.


Yarn – Knit Picks Shadow

Color – Opal Heather

Hook – 2.25 mm

Level – Easy

IMG_7768[1] IMG_7771[1]

While working on this cowl in the knitting group, a member made a request for me to make her one. She bought the yarn and I’ll soon be casting on another. I kinda wanted to take a break from this pattern but, hopefully I will hook it up quickly and get it off my mind. I’ll update you with the progress of that future cowl…