New Books Added to My Library

Ok, so I promised myself that I would not add any new knitting or crochet books to my personal library for awhile because I had actually purchased quite a few over the past months but, I failed 😦 However, one book actually wasn’t a purchase but, a gift from my sister Alison so, I am not guilty for that one 😉 And my Dad bought me another book but, I am kinda guilty of that one because I asked him for it.

So, here they are…

Modern Knits, Vintage Style – This was purchased at Hastings Bookstore and it was a used book. So, it only cost me $5. And I couldn’t pass up a book with gorgeous, vintage, and elegant patterns for only $5. So, I bought it and I am happy that I scooped it up.

modern knits vintage style

Knitting Stitches – I love this book! I want to one day design my own garments so, this book is  a great resource for different stitch patterns. It was bought at Hastings Bookstore too and it was used. So, I only spent $5 on this too! That is a great deal for over 300 stitch patterns. And I actually did pass up this book a previous time when I was at the bookstore but, when I went back many weeks later it was still there so, it was meant for me.

knitting stitches 2

Coastal Knits – Now this book was an absolute surprise addition! I was talking to my sister about this gorgeous book and how I had been planning to add it to my library since the day it came out. I had planned on ordering it but, it kept being put off. Every single pattern in the book calls to me but, it was this one particular pattern that I dream of making…the Rocky Coast Cardigan. So, while we were at the Sit N’ Knit at the Yarnhouse Studio this past Saturday she up and bought it for me! I was ecstatic!

coastal knits

Sweater Design in Plain English – Now this book was bought brand new and full price by me at Books-A-Million (well, I did get a 10% discount with my card). It is pretty much self-explanatory. I want to know how sweaters are designed and constructed. So, I feel this would be a great resource for breaking it down. I am really excited to delve into this book.

sweater design in plain english

Now these next additions are not really books but, just little bonuses…

Stitch Nation, Collection 1 – This is more of a booklet that features knit and crochet designs. This was purchased at Michael’s because I was there to pick up some size 8 16-inch circular needles (which I later found out, I already had a pair hiding in my knitting bag). It was only $4 and my Dad got it for me.

stitch nation

Knitscene, Fall 2013 – This is actually a magazine but, I still try to limit how many magazines I purchase because they will take up space. This is the reason, I don’t ever see myself subscribing to a magazine because I can’t have that many come to my house and every issue is not guaranteed to have great designs. However, this issue was phenomenal! I want to make everything out of it and I am still having a really hard time deciding what to do first. We shall see…

knitscene fall 2013

Coffee Cozy

The new Holiday 2012 issue of Knit Simple is simply phenomenal. It has 55 patterns! Usually knit/crochet magazines have about 25-30 patterns. So, for only $6.99 that is a great steal! I simply adored quite a few patterns from the magazine but, I knew immediately that I had to make a coffee sleeve. My dad had just bought me a new coffee maker that came with a chrome cup. It needed to be jazzed up 😉

They had three different types of sleeves…the textured sleeve, the ribbed sleeve, and the lace sleeve. Of course, I was drawn to the lace sleeve and I knew I wanted to make it in shocking pink. (Pink is my FAVE color.)

The pattern worked up fairly quickly. I am not the fastest knitter but, I finished it in about a day. I started last night at around 8:30 p.m. and worked until 10:30 p.m. I then picked it up this morning at 8:30 a.m. and finished in about 2 hours.


Needles – Set of 4 dpns in Size 5

Level – Easy

Yarn Weight – Worsted (4)

Yarn Used – Red Heart Super Saver in Shocking Pink

Amount Used – Very small amount. Great stash buster