Finished Object: Christmas Stockings

IMG_6006[1]IMG_6011[1]IMG_6012[1]Well, the Christmas stockings are finally done. I really did enjoy making these and I look forward to trying out many more of Sarah London’s patterns from her book, Granny Square Love. The main color for the stockings are Red Heart Super Saver’s paddy green.

The corner where I place the stocking (over the bookshelf) does not have the best lighting but, hopefully you can see the details of the stocking pretty well.


Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver

Weight – Worsted (4)

Hook – H (5.00 mm)

Level – Easy

An Inspiring Mess

Granny-Xmas-stockingsLast night, as soon as I came home from church I picked up my granny square stocking project from Sarah London’s book Granny Square Love. Everything was going just dandy. I had my sister choose her favorite yarn color combos since this stocking was for her. Then, I finished about 11:00 p.m.

Well, I go to hang up the stocking next to the stocking I had made for myself and it was off. I kept re-hanging it but, they weren’t meshing well together. I then realized that my stocking was bigger. So, I take the stocking down and put them on top of each other and sure enough, it was bigger. I had an extra row in my stocking. I know some would let bygones be bygones but, my mind just couldn’t wrap around that mistake. So, you know what I had to do…

RIIIIIIP!! Yep, I ripped it up to a certain point and started back over. What a mess but, I finished crocheting the stocking at 12:30 a.m. Way past my bedtime 😦

But, I was so pleased with the finished result. I also changed my three color combo. Originally, I went with the colors from Sarah’s stocking in the book: pink, yellow, and purple. But, once my sister put together her color combo (ruby red, purple, pinkish red) I wanted to change mine up because her colors looked liked jewels. So, I just changed out the yellow for royal blue and I am so pleased with it: pink, purple, and blue.

Now, on to weaving in those ends…


This was the inspiring mess I was surrounded by last night.
IMG_5992[1]Oh, the many ends I need to weave in…

Book Review: Granny Square Love by Sarah London

The story of me and this book…So, I first saw this book in Hobby Lobby quite a few months back. I thought the book was absolutely gorgeous. I mean the pictures are out of this world phenomenal. The book is just filled with yummy, bright colors. And there were so many vast patterns to really make your space one of a kind. But, I put the book back down thinking, I can make a granny square with no problem and don’t really need this book to tell me how. Maybe later…

So, I would continue to go back to Hobby Lobby and Books-A-Million and I kept picking up the book then, putting it back down. I promise you I did this about 10 times. My sister, April, was even getting so over me picking the book up then, changing my mind. She kept trying to convince me to go ahead and purchase it. Finally, one day I was in Books-A-Million again and I took the plunge. I am so glad that I did!!!

I absolutely LOVE this book! It is simply amazing how Sarah London took the basic granny square to the next level. Who knew you could do so much with the granny square?!?! She has patterns for stool covers, a headboard, teapot cozy, napkin holders, grocer tote, and so much more! I find myself constantly looking in the book and struggling with what to make.

Over the weekend, I started making her granny square stockings since it is Christmas season. I plan on making two in deep green. One for me and the other for my sister, April to put in the living room of our apartment. I have finished mine already and I am currently working on hers (pics coming soon).

Below are just a few of my favorite patterns from the book…