Me Made May ’14 – Week 1

Well, I have completed my first full week of MMM14. I can say that it wasn’t too hard. I just have to consciously remember each day that I have to wear something handmade. I started out with my least worn items in order to challenge myself to use these items. I mean it is very easy to wear a cropped cardigan because that fits seamlessly into my wardrobe but, those crochet tops prove a bit difficult to style. So, check out the pics and details below to see what I have worn.

Day 1 (Thursday) – I actually like this top however, I don’t wear it much. Because of that, I started off MMM14 with this Casual Summer Top that I crocheted last summer. I like how flowy and boho it is. As you can see, I wore this outfit to work.


Day 2 (Friday) – This is another work week outfit and another rarely worn top. I made this two tone shrug, a design by the Double Stitch twins, a couple of years ago. My style has changed since then, which is the reason that this is not worn very much. I paired it with a green dress and it made for an interesting outfit. It’s not my favorite kind but, it’ll do.

Day 3 (Saturday) – Saturday is my “Me” day. I really enjoy my day off from work and I love doing errands, shopping, visiting my family, and catching up on projects. So, I like to be comfortable. It was a beautiful Saturday in the upper 70s but, I still carted my cardigan along for those very cold buildings and cold cars. This cardigan is my workhorse cardigan. I drag it along with me to avoid being stuck in cold environments. It is made with the cheapest yarn (Red Heart Super Saver) so, it endures.  This free pattern from Knitty is the Shapely Boyfriend cardigan.

Day 4 (Sunday) – I went to church on this day. On the first Sunday, the ladies are asked to wear all white. I am so happy that I made this white cardigan a couple of years ago! It is not my favorite color to make things with but, it does come in handy. This is the Chevron Lace Cardigan, a free pattern from Ravelry. I never did blog about this cardigan so, let me give you a few details. It was made with Bernat Softee Baby Solids in white. I modified it a bit by adding 5 buttonholes to the top (the pattern only calls for one), making the sleeves longer, and the length longer.


Day 5 (Monday) – I loved this outfit!!! This is my type of outfit. If I could I would wear it everyday. I finished my yellow skirt over the weekend and I could not wait to wear it. I also made the cropped cardigan, which is the Hortencia pattern by Andi Satterlund. It was a fun outfit and very bright  to go with the cheerful day.


Day 6 (Tuesday) – This is a work week outfit and my go-to lazy day type of outfit. I didn’t feel like thinking much about what I was going to wear so, I put on a dress with a cardigan. This uniform never fails and I adore how this outfit turned out. This is my crochet Elsa jacket and to this day it is still my favorite crochet creation. I keep saying I am going to make another but, I haven’t got to it yet. I am going to have to remedy that because this jacket is just fabulous. This was another gorgeous day (in the upper 80s) so, this jacket worked like a charm in my office building. However, as soon as I got in my car I had to shed it. But, I picked it back up for church that night.


Day 7 (Wednesday) – Well, this is what I am wearing today. This was my very first crochet cardigan and I still like to pull it out and wear it. When I first made this pattern, I added the button to the top and an i-cord waist. Well, I didn’t really like how those aspects limited it so, I removed the button and the i-cord belt. I always wear the cardigan open and it just works. Today, I am wearing it with a favorite dress of mine. We are having yet another gorgeous and sunny day in Alabama so, this dress and cardigan works like a charm. I really like lacy crochet cardigans because it allows for the breeze to come through and touch my skin. I made this cardigan using the same Chevron Lace pattern that I used for the white cardigan. This version has shorter sleeves, shorter length, and one buttonhole.

day 7

Whew! That concludes Week 1 of MMM14 and I will keep you posted about the upcoming weeks. I really don’t see how fashion bloggers take a picture of themselves everyday because this gets tiresome.

Knit Style: Bowtie Beauty

IMG_7190[1]Even though I am just trying on the bowtie in this picture (it is going to be shipped out), I really like how the style of this looks. This is the outfit that I am wearing today and the bowtie just fit with it so seamlessly. My outfit consists of a colorful plaid full skirt, a crisp white collared shirt, belted waists, and accessorized with bangles and bold earrings. Then, the bowtie adds the final effect.


Crochet Style: Wintry Cowl

This outfit is actually from yesterday but, I didn’t get a chance to post it. This wintry cowl is from a pattern in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Crochet Today. I made this last winter and it worked up very quickly. It employs the V-Stitch. I used Lion Brand Hometown Solids, which is a Super Bulky yarn.

I like to pair this red cowl whenever I wear neutral outfits that lack color. It is something just so fab about a big chunky cowl in a bold color. Did I mention that this cowl is so snuggly and warm?  Well, it is 🙂

Outfit Details:

Dress – Ross Dress for Less

Boots – Plato’s Closet

Cowl – Handmade by Me

Crochet Style (OOTD)

I decided to start a new segment on the blog for Crochet Style and Knit Style. It is essentially outfit of the days (OOTD) but, there is a focus on how I style the wearable items that I handmade.

Today, I am wearing the Any Day Cardigan designed by the Double Stitch Twins. This is a free pattern that can be found HERE.

Outfit Details:

Cardigan – Handmade by me

Sweater – New York and Company

Pencil Skirt – Thrifted

Boots – Walmart