In Progress: Aiken

I have been going on and on about how much I wanted to knit the Aiken pullover. I wanted to start as soon as the yarn arrived but, I forced myself to complete my unfinished projects this past weekend.

So as soon as Monday arrived, I cast-on! I am making the XS size becaue the designer suggested it is best with 0-2 inches negative ease. I did not get gauge with the suggested Size 8 needles but, I did get it with the Size 7 needles. The yarn being used is Knit Picks Brava in Tranquil. It is 100% acrylic. I don’t have a problem knitting with acrylic yarn and it steam blocks beautifully to me. I used this same yarn for my Chuck pullover and I have worn it quite a few times and it is holding up quite nicely. This yarn feels squishy and soft–but, not too soft. It also has a nice sheen but, it is not too shiny. It’s just right.

I don’t know if it is due to my excitement over the project but, as you can see it is literally flying off the needles. I am about done with the body (currently working on the ribbing) and look to be starting the sleeve tonight. That is some great progress in just 4 days! Maybe I’m dreaming big but, I have been thinking that I would like to finish this in time for Christmas Day because I have this red pencil skirt that would look beautiful against this sea-green. But, we shall see…

Also, the lace work is so pretty to me. It does require for you to pay attention but, it is not complex at all to create. It also worked up super fast. The lace design is worked the same for the front and back.

IMG_8403[1] IMG_8404[1]

Finished Object: Little Guy Vest

This past Sunday, I finally finished the baby vest that I was making for a friend’s baby boy. This is not a time-consuming project at all but, it took me awhile to knit it. The reason for this is I got bored and there were other projects that captured my attention. However, babies do grow rapidly so, I made up my mind to finish this vest. I will be shipping it out very soon.

The yarn used was Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! in Royal. I used smaller needles for the ribbing on the lower part, the neckband, and the armholes. I used the larger needles for the body. The needles used were 4.0 mm (Size 6) and 4.5 mm (Size 7). Instead of using the straight needles for the armholes and neckband, I used Size 6 circular needles in 16-inch.

Welp, that’s all I can think to say about this simple knit. Oh yeah, this is a free pattern that can be found HERE.

IMG_8345[1] IMG_8347[1]

Finished Object: Bunnies

Well, this past Friday I finished all the bunnies that I had been working on. They will be donated to hospitalized children this Saturday. I am really pleased with the outcome.

This was a very simple pattern from Issue 2 of Simply Crochet. I used Red Heart Sport in Vermillion for the Red bunny. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Paddy Green and Amethyst for the green and purple bunnies. Their tails were made with Red Heart Super Saver in Light Grey. The eyes and nose were embroidered with scrap yarn of Red Heart Super Saver.

The hook size used was 4.5 mm. If I were to make them again, I would go down a hook size to avoid the stuffing peeping through.

I had planned on sewing little vests for them but, the deadline date was pushed up. Therefore, I decided to just adorn these bow ribbons that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

Overall, I am pleased with the results.

IMG_8324[1] IMG_8325[1] IMG_8326[1]

Finished Object: Shell Net Cowl

This weekend I worked on all my WIPs…and I finished them all! Woo Hoo! I knew that I wanted to finish my current projects because I will soon be going on winter break and I want to devote the entire time to knitting Aiken, Geraldine, and Ethel. So, I will be blogging about all the recently finished objects but, let’s first start with Edition 2 of the Shell Net Cowl…

You may remember that I made a Shell Net Cowl for myself a few months ago. I figured that it would be a super-simple project and didn’t pay much attention to it. Well, I should have looked at it more carefully. The cowl was supposed to be a Mobius Cowl and I just worked it in a continuous round. I realized this mistake when working on the second Shell Net Cowl. I loathe mistakes so, I no longer wanted that cowl. The yarn was too delicate to rip back so, I gave it to my mom and she loves it. Now, let’s talk about this new Shell Net Cowl.

When working on the first cowl at the knitting group, I was approached by a fellow-knitter who did not crochet. She asked that I crochet her one so, I said yes. She purchased the yarn, which is Malabrigo Lace in Cactus Flower. The yarn was  delight to work with and the color called to me (I adore pink. It’s my favorite color.). She requested that the cowl be longer so, I added 30 extra stitches to the foundation chain. And I literally had just enough yarn to finish the cowl.

This can be worked up fast but, for some reason I move relatively slow on shorter projects. I devote so much time to my larger projects that the shorter projects usually go on the backburner. Once you get everything started, this pattern can be memorized very easily. It’s the perfect on-the-go project to carry around in your knitting bag.

Because I do adore this pattern and this delicate cowl. I have already purchased some more yarn from Knit Picks to make another for myself. I ordered the Shadow Tonal Lace Yarn in Deep Waters this time around. If I have enough time, I plan on working on this over the break.

IMG_8333[1] IMG_8337[1]


Making Progress on the Bunnies…


Well, today I finally finished all the parts for the bunnies that I am making for charity. Now, I just need to stuff, assemble, and then embroider the face.

While working on the red bunny’s parts I ran out of yarn. I then joined some more yarn and noticed that the shade was off and that the yarn was thicker. I then realized that I had been working with Red Heart Sport yarn in Vermillion and not the Red Heart Super Saver in Burgundy. So, I literally raided my stash searching for another skein of the Red Heart Sport in Vermillion. (OAN: I didn’t realize how much yarn I had.) But, I did not find it. By that point, I had finished the head, the body, and 1 ear of the bunny. I started thinking of just starting over in the Red Heart Super Saver in burgundy but, I really did not feel like it. So, then an idea popped in my head! I remembered this top that I had made out of the exact same dye lots of the Red Heart Sport. I never wear this top because it fit kinda big and once I would sit down it looked horribly rumpled when I stood up. So, I ripped it! Now I had the yarn I needed and the problem was solved. So, if you look closely at the picture, you will notice that the red bunny is slightly smaller than the green and purple bunny.

The bunnies’ tails are showing up as white in the picture but, they are actually the light grey in Red Heart Super Saver. I am thinking of doing black eyes and a deep grey nose.

I’ll do a post on the finished products before they go to their new homes.

Finished Object: Hortencia by Andi Satterlund

I finished the cardigan that I was pattern testing for Andi and I am very pleased with the results. Simple yet stunning. Indulge me as I break down my favorite aspects of this cardigan.

The Fit

I was immediately captured by the vintage vogue feel of this cardigan. The deep neckline, the nipped in waist, and the full sleeves all worked so well together. It really shows off the feminine figure.

The Neckline

While the cardigan is mainly in stockinette stitch, the neckline is in garter stitch. This really makes it stand out. In addition to the garter stitch neckline the folded back collar is just so gorgeous to me. I am also really attached to the deepness of the neckline because it shows of my dresses beautifully.

The Buttons

I was very happy that this cardigan only featured 2 buttons. For this reason, I thought long and hard about the buttons that I would choose for this cardigan because I knew they would stand out. I didn’t know they would turn out this gorgeous against the cardigan and I am happy, happy, happy with my choice. I have already gotten a compliment on the buttons alone.

The Color

This was my first time making a black wearable. I usually flock to the more vivid and bright colors (you’ll see in my next project). But, I wanted to choose a color that was sultry. I had been serious debating with a wine red, eggplant, or black. Black won. I am so happy with this choice because it goes wonderfully with most of my dresses (I actually plan on wearing this on Sunday to the Christmas Concert with my pine green dress). It was kinda hard to capture the details on my camera with this dark color but, it worked out. I wore it with one of my brightest dresses and it winterizes my bolder colored dresses.

The Pattern Layout

Andi is really great at breaking down patterns and making them simple as pie. It was very easy to follow along with this pattern and I didn’t have any major problems. First off, the body works up very quickly because this is a deep neckline so, there is not much to knit. Also, the body is in the simple stockinette. Then, the sleeves flew by too! I thought that it would take awhile for the sleeves since they are full but, it was no biggy. The sleeves are a simple stockinette and ribbing. Andi used her signature set in sleeves using short rows so, no seaming required. Oh yeah, the entire cardigan in seamless! The neckline does take a bit longer than the typical ribbing neckline used in cardigans. But, this is because of the shawl-like neckline. It was easy to follow along with this part also. I was bit nervous about tackling it but, it was so simple! I finished the neckline very quickly too. This cardigan took me about 3 weeks to knit. How brilliant is that.

IMG_8192[1] IMG_8197[1] IMG_8200[1] IMG_8202[1]IMG_8206[1]IMG_8207[1] IMG_8209[1]


Next Up: My yarn arrived for my Aiken and Geraldine pullover. YAY!! I really want to cast on tonight but, I am trying to make some headway with the crochet bunnies.

Colors for Bunnies

IMG_8182[1] IMG_8183[1]Yesterday, I mentioned in a post that I would be making 3 bunnies to donate to children for Christmas. Well, I think I am set on these colors for the bunnies. I am still a bit iffy about the purple but, it may work. I like the idea of going with jewel tones because I didn’t want to go the pastel route. The reason for this is because I want to avoid the bunnies looking like an Easter theme considering people associate pastel bunnies with Easter.

I plan on starting these tonight. I’ll keep you posted.

Selfish Knitting (Andi Satterlund’s Patterns)

If it were up to me, I would knit all day. But, I have to work in order to purchase the yarn to feed my craft (I also  work to pay the bills. hehe 😉 )

Well, as you all know I simply adore Andi’s patterns and I have been really trying to build my personal wardrobe with these patterns. I love vintage style and her patterns have vintage written all over them and they work up super quick. The typical vintage patterns use fingering weight or lightweight yarn that I simply don’t have time to create. But, Andi usually uses sport weight to worsted weight, which I can appreciate!

But, I still don’t have enough time to create all of her patterns 😦 Recently, she just released 2 new free patterns. And while I am happy, I am also sad too. So bittersweet. I just yearn to make them both. But, where can I find the time??? Check them out HERE and HERE. 

I had it all set to start my Aiken and Geraldine pullovers over the Holiday break. I purchased my yarn for these projects during the Knit Picks Big Sale and I was content. Now, these new gorgeous sweaters are really calling to me. So, I just have to get focused. FOCUS, CONSTANCE! So, I think this is the order that I will make these sweaters in (1) Aiken (will be casting on as soon as the yarn arrives) (2) Geraldine (I really want/need to make something with colorwork) (3) Armande (I want the perfect vivid red sweater and this has got to be it) (4) Marion (I already have the yarn purchased in purple for this one) (5) Cropped Winter Sweater (I’m thinking light purple and eggplant) (6) Agatha (I already have the yarn in a bright yellow for this) (7) Miette (I’m still not sure what color to make this, which is why it is last on the list). Don’t hold me to this list. LOL






Cropped Winter Sweater

cropped winter sweater






Photos Copyright Andi Satterlund

Well, I’ll keep you posted on the status of these projects and how they go. Here’s to hoping that Andi doesn’t release any more patterns any time soon because this list will go down the dump and change again with more projects added 😀

Upcoming Project: Bunny



Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t be doing any Holiday knitting or crocheting this year, I agreed to create some stuffed bunnies for children who are hospitalized for Christmas. Honestly, I really have to squeeze this in because I am in the process of applying to graduate school, finishing up a pattern for a lady in my knitting group, and finishing up a baby vest (yes, I am still working on that same baby vest).  The good thing is I put the final touches on my cardigan that I was pattern testing for Andi so, I don’t have to think about that.

I plan on making 3 bunnies and I will be using Red Heart Super Saver from my stash. I am not sure what colors I will be using yet. Maybe variegated or solid colors in jewel tones. But, I will figure that out maybe tonight after church. I plan on embroidering the eyes and nose as pictured so, that it can be safe for children of all ages.

My plan of action for these bunnies is to create all the parts first. Usually, I will make the full bunny and then move on to the next bunny and so on. However, to stay on task I figured that I need to create all parts for the 3 bunnies, then stuff, then assemble. Kind of like an assembly line.

This pattern is from the Simply Crochet, Issue 2. It calls for DK weight yarn but, I plan on using Worsted weight. I don’t think it  really matters because it should still be a nice size stuffed animal for a child.

I’ll keep you posted on how these turn out.

OAN: I finished my cardigan and it looks so nice so far. The ends are weaved in and I will be blocking tonight. Expect a post in the next day or two with the final result.