Inspiration: Spring Garments

It’s that time of year again. The colors are budding and the sun is shining. I have been eyeing some Spring designs. They inspire me and make me want to ditch all my current WIPs. But, I must have discipline. Check out the beautiful garments and details below.


This pattern is from Knitty Spring-Summer 2015. I like that it is a mix of knit and crochet–my two loves. I plan on starting this project in May. It’s simple stunning. Also, I think I will use the suggested linen yarn. I have never worked with linen, so I am excited. I plan on using Quince & Co. Kestral in Rosehip. The pattern can be found HERE.D117051111_medium

I just adore this pattern. I don’t know if I plan on making it in the near future, but I think it is just inspiring. This is a pattern by Yoko Hatta and can be found HERE.image_medium2

You can’t imagine how long I have been eyeing this crochet cardigan. I bought the entire digital issue of Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 7 for this pattern alone (there are some other great designs in this issue). Technically this is from the winter issue, but I think this cardigan is the perfect layering piece for Spring. I plan on completing this cardigan in the summer. I am having a hard time thinking of the right color combination. I adore the colors in the sample, but I don’t want to copycat. This is a design by one of the best crochet designers, Simone Francis. The pattern can be found

This pattern is from the current Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 13. I adore it. Typically, I don’t like working with fingering weight yarn, but I am willing to make an exception for this top. OAN: The styling and photography in this photo are spot on. The pattern can be found HEREIMG_4434_medium2

As a reward for the hard work I put in this year, I plan on making a trip to the beach for utter relaxation. (I am also traveling to Copenhagen and San Francisco, but those are school/profession related.) This cardigan is the perfect beach cardigan. Should I have time to make it, I will use the exact color in the photo. That sand shade is the perfect color for beach knits. The pattern is by Alicia Plum (a great designer with stunning designs) and can be found HERE.

Extra Thoughts: I have UFOs on my mind. I am making headway with my Henriette cardigan and I hope to complete it this weekend. So, expect a post on that. Also, do you remember my Vivian pullover that I started last year that I planned on finishing by Christmas 2014? Well, I may have missed the deadline, but I plan on picking it up and completing that soon. Also, do you remember my Piperita finger less gloves? I plan on finishing that soon also. I refuse to cast on anything until those 3 items are complete. Now, let’s hope I can adhere to that rule.

Outfit Along



I am such a craft geek and can’t resist a challenge.

Well, two of my favorite bloggers have teamed up to have an Outfit Along 2014. This is pretty much a knit along and a sew along combined. I can’t begin to tell you how super excited I am about this! Andi of Untangling Knots and Lauren of LLADYBIRD are the brains behind this wonderful outfit along.

A couple of post ago, I was just telling you all about how I yearn to venture into dressmaking. It seems like such a feat but, something I really want to try. Me Made May has really inspired me and I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful dresses other ladies have made. So, I can’t wait to start this challenge.

First off, let’s talk about the Myrna cardigan. This is yet another gorgeous design by the super talented Andi Satterlund. Her designs fall right in line with my style, which is why I can’t stop making them. I think this will be a fairly simple knit with some interesting details. I plan on using the suggested yarn, which is Miss Babs Yowza in Squash Blossom. I have really been flocking to the color yellow lately and this shade is simply gorgeous. Suffice it to say, knitting the cardigan will be the simpler part of the challenge for me. If for some crazy reason I can’t get the Squash Blossom, I will go with green in Ghoulish or blue in Clematis.


Now, let’s talk about this dress. As you all know, I am a novice sewer. I only have 3 skirts under my belt and those were the most simple creations ever. They just involved rectangles and elastic. I thought my first dress would also be something as simple as pie such as the pic below. But, let’s be honest how often would I wear such a simple design. And it definitely wouldn’t fit into favorite dress category.

simple dress


So, the pattern they chose for the dress (and you can use another pattern if you choose to) was Simplicity 1803. I looked at the picture and fell in love. Every detail about this dress was beautiful. I really like both versions and debated about which version to make. After thinking long and hard, I really like the first version with the slashed neckline. I chose this version because it’s not like anything I own yet, it is something that I would really like in my closet. I think I am going to go for the gathered skirt because I like how full it looks. And I definitely need pockets.


Moving on to the fabric choice. Me Made May has really inspired me with the retro dresses. My favorite dresses have been the comic print dresses because they look retro, unique, geek, and girly. I haven’t completely decided which fabric to use yet though I know it will be comic inspired. I know I will be ordering from because they have quite a few options. Look below for details about my choices so far.

Marvel Print – This is my number 1 choice but, they are currently out of stock on the website. I asked them to notify me as soon as it was available. I like how the comics look like the original vintage comic books. I am also in love with the colors because my yellow cardigan will go perfectly with this.



Marvel (Option 2) – I actually like this print. It has a more modern look to it. Again, I like the yellow in it, which would really compliment the cardigan.

marvel 2


Archie – When I was a child, we would always read Archie comics. So, I have a special love for them. When I was a child, I was a Betty girl. But, now I actually like Veronica more.  Again, I really like the colors in this print and it goes with what I have in mind.



Archie (last option) – So, this fabric does not have the vivid colors but, I really like the gray scale. It would make the dress more versatile. I like pairing really bright cardigans over neutral dresses so, this would work with almost any color.

archie 2


OK, that concludes my thoughts on my fabric choices. I do hope that Lauren will add a lining to her dress so, she could walk us through that. If not, I will try to figure out how to add a lining to the dress. Personally, I feel that if I am going to make my clothes I should make sure to give it the highest quality.

Still working on Marion and Reading Game of Thrones

In all actuality, I could have been finished with my Marion cardigan. Then, I started reading Game of Thrones. Why oh why did I do that??? Once I picked up the book, I put down the needles. It is so engrossing. Well, yesterday I finished the book and started to read Book 2 of the series. But, before I got completely engrossed in book 2 I did pick the needles back up to make some headway with my cardigan. 

I am really enjoying the project so far. The cable does keep things interesting and stops it from being a boring knit. I am anxious to finish it. I am already dreaming about my next projects. 


I plan on joining the challenge that Andi of Untangling Knots put out. I want to finish a Christmas sweater in 2014.  I actually ordered the yarn for this Vivien sweater last summer but, I put off knitting the fingering weight stranded colorwork sweater. However, if I commit to working on this over the year then, hopefully I will be more motivated to finish it. I chose the colors red, green, royal blue, and parchment. I definitely feel those qualify as seasonal colors so, I am calling this my Christmas sweater for 2014.


The other project I plan on starting is Miette in an orange color. I will be using yarn from my stash because I am really trying to do some stash busting.

Well, those are the few updates in my life for now. I’ll keep you posted on the projects…

Future Project: Marion

IMG_9033[1] IMG_9035[1]

My Geraldine and Ethel are currently waiting to dry. I steam blocked them last night. (Post coming soon on those finished objects.) I am now anxious to start Marion another pattern by Andi Satterlund.

Marion has been in my queue since April of 2013 and it is now past time to start it. First off, I am in dire need of a purple cardigan. Purple is one of those colors that I hardly ever wear but, I do want to implement it a bit more in my wardrobe. I actually purchased the yarn and buttons for this cardigan during my vacation last summer from Joann’s Fabric store.

I have been doing gauge swatches this morning and honestly I am not loving the yarn. The yarn is Caron’s Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) yarn in Magenta(ish). It is a wool/acrylic blend. It is not the worst but, it definitely isn’t the best. However, I have decided to do some stash busting so this will have to do. The yarn splits and sheds a little. However, the color is just beautiful and it works up nicely also. So, I’ll just persevere…

I am excited about revisiting cables. It has been awhile since I’ve made anything with cables, which is crazy considering how much I love them. I think my last cabled project was Chuck (my favorite pullover). The cabled neckline is very nice and I like the added bonus of the cables on the wrists.

I plan on making the Small size.

Hopefully, all will go well with this cardigan (as they usually do with Andi’s patterns) and I will have a wardrobe staple with this purple cardigan.

Sewing a Skirt…

I have always wanted to sew but, sometimes I get a bit intimidated by the process of it all. When it  comes to knitting or crocheting, I feel like I am the one in control. But, when it comes to sewing the machine has a major part in the process.

I dabbled at sewing in the past. I made a wonky potholder, which I keep just because it was the first thing I sewed. I also made a mini quilt, which I adore. It is still displayed in my living room. I also hemmed a skirt and mended a few.

The ladies from the Untangling Knots group on Ravelry really inspired me with their handmade dresses and skirts.  Also, I adore Jennifer Lauren‘s handmade dresses and skirts.

So, now I actually want to make a wearable from scratch. I looked at YouTube videos, read books, and bought the very easy patterns but, it still seemed mind boggling to me. Then, I found this tutorial. And after looking over it, I figured I could give this a try.

So, tonight I plan on giving this a go. I looked through my fabric stash. Even though I don’t sew I had a few choices because I had “plans” to make a skirt for over a year now. I debated but, I settled on this fabric because it matched a lot of items in my wardrobe.

I will let you all know how it turns out…

IMG_8929[1] IMG_8932[1]

Future Project: Sejia Set

I can’t stick to anything. Remember after I made the baby vest for my college friend’s baby boy and I said I would not make another baby item for awhile? Well, that has changed and I really want to make a hat and blanket set for some very dear church members. They are a really nice, kind, genuine, and loving couple. Their baby boy was born premature and he is coming along greatly. Thank You, Jesus. And I just want to do something nice for them to show them how much I appreciate them and that they are loved.

So, for years I have admired the Sejia Set from the book The Happy Hooker. It is just too adorable and I feel this would be the perfect project. I plan on going with a color scheme of gray, green, and blue. I really like the idea of those colors and I am excited to go home and raid my stash to find the perfect choices.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the blanket and hat set. Hopefully, I will be starting it tonight.

seija set

OAN: The Geraldine pullover and Ethel beret are coming along wonderfully. I have been working on them daily. Since the projects use sport weight yarn they move a bit more slowly than a typical worsted weight project. But, I have been enjoying working on it while watching television and relaxing.

Colors for Bunnies

IMG_8182[1] IMG_8183[1]Yesterday, I mentioned in a post that I would be making 3 bunnies to donate to children for Christmas. Well, I think I am set on these colors for the bunnies. I am still a bit iffy about the purple but, it may work. I like the idea of going with jewel tones because I didn’t want to go the pastel route. The reason for this is because I want to avoid the bunnies looking like an Easter theme considering people associate pastel bunnies with Easter.

I plan on starting these tonight. I’ll keep you posted.

Selfish Knitting (Andi Satterlund’s Patterns)

If it were up to me, I would knit all day. But, I have to work in order to purchase the yarn to feed my craft (I also  work to pay the bills. hehe 😉 )

Well, as you all know I simply adore Andi’s patterns and I have been really trying to build my personal wardrobe with these patterns. I love vintage style and her patterns have vintage written all over them and they work up super quick. The typical vintage patterns use fingering weight or lightweight yarn that I simply don’t have time to create. But, Andi usually uses sport weight to worsted weight, which I can appreciate!

But, I still don’t have enough time to create all of her patterns 😦 Recently, she just released 2 new free patterns. And while I am happy, I am also sad too. So bittersweet. I just yearn to make them both. But, where can I find the time??? Check them out HERE and HERE. 

I had it all set to start my Aiken and Geraldine pullovers over the Holiday break. I purchased my yarn for these projects during the Knit Picks Big Sale and I was content. Now, these new gorgeous sweaters are really calling to me. So, I just have to get focused. FOCUS, CONSTANCE! So, I think this is the order that I will make these sweaters in (1) Aiken (will be casting on as soon as the yarn arrives) (2) Geraldine (I really want/need to make something with colorwork) (3) Armande (I want the perfect vivid red sweater and this has got to be it) (4) Marion (I already have the yarn purchased in purple for this one) (5) Cropped Winter Sweater (I’m thinking light purple and eggplant) (6) Agatha (I already have the yarn in a bright yellow for this) (7) Miette (I’m still not sure what color to make this, which is why it is last on the list). Don’t hold me to this list. LOL






Cropped Winter Sweater

cropped winter sweater






Photos Copyright Andi Satterlund

Well, I’ll keep you posted on the status of these projects and how they go. Here’s to hoping that Andi doesn’t release any more patterns any time soon because this list will go down the dump and change again with more projects added 😀

Upcoming Project: Bunny



Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t be doing any Holiday knitting or crocheting this year, I agreed to create some stuffed bunnies for children who are hospitalized for Christmas. Honestly, I really have to squeeze this in because I am in the process of applying to graduate school, finishing up a pattern for a lady in my knitting group, and finishing up a baby vest (yes, I am still working on that same baby vest).  The good thing is I put the final touches on my cardigan that I was pattern testing for Andi so, I don’t have to think about that.

I plan on making 3 bunnies and I will be using Red Heart Super Saver from my stash. I am not sure what colors I will be using yet. Maybe variegated or solid colors in jewel tones. But, I will figure that out maybe tonight after church. I plan on embroidering the eyes and nose as pictured so, that it can be safe for children of all ages.

My plan of action for these bunnies is to create all the parts first. Usually, I will make the full bunny and then move on to the next bunny and so on. However, to stay on task I figured that I need to create all parts for the 3 bunnies, then stuff, then assemble. Kind of like an assembly line.

This pattern is from the Simply Crochet, Issue 2. It calls for DK weight yarn but, I plan on using Worsted weight. I don’t think it  really matters because it should still be a nice size stuffed animal for a child.

I’ll keep you posted on how these turn out.

OAN: I finished my cardigan and it looks so nice so far. The ends are weaved in and I will be blocking tonight. Expect a post in the next day or two with the final result.

KAL: Hetty by Andi Satterlund

So, as you all know I have an addiction to Andi’s patterns. And ever since she first showed her Hetty cardigan I loved it! Therefore, I was very delighted when she said she would be releasing the pattern and starting a KAL (Knit Along). I knew I would be joining despite my busy schedule. (I am preparing to enter into graduate school and will be starting to study for the GRE.)

I decided that I want to make another sweater in pink so, I have decided on Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed in Papaya Heather. If for some reason they get out of stock of that color I plan on using Thirst Heather or Firecracker Heather.

So, the ending date for the KAL is October 30th, which is great! This is just in time for Fall and that means I can really wear this throughout the colder months.

Super excited about this! Oh yeah, this is my first KAL.

So, if you would like more info on this KAL check it out HERE or click the badge to the right of the blog.